My Entry for the Surge Contest




the ending was like a tiny spaceship flying up space.


You really pushed that thing hard!

It’s amazing when you can make a 70 gram yoyo fast.


Haha, it’s a problem with Windows Movie Maker.

@Noonar: Thanks!




Great video, I liked the setting and the tricks (but not when you missed them, LOL). I think you made a contender!

I was considering entering the contest once I got a Surge, but if I would be competing against this kinda skill, I don’t think I would stand a chance (sigh). I might would still enter if I got one in time, but the emphasis in it would be on a cool scene and music, etc., because my tricks are not at your kinda level.


Thank you! Even if you think you will lose, you should enter anyway. For fun!


Hmm…maybe so. BTW, what was the scrolling “h” at the end about?


wat im on true throw in a good way