Summer Surge - Surge Contest Entry

Had some fun with this one. Did my best to sync up the vid with the music to make a fun, chill clip. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hey, very nice job. I liked the bind where you bumped it with your knee. I also enjoyed your transitions. :smiley:

Thanks! I tried to bridge the different environments together in a fun way. Think it worked :stuck_out_tongue:
And I love that bind. It can be hit or miss though. Doesnโ€™t always roll out clean on the next throw haha

Good entry. Considering that about half of the video is non-yoyoing, I would have liked to see more yoyoing.

Wow, this is my favorite entry so far.

And I wanted to put more yoyoing in, but it would have gone over the 90 second limit. I had two other tricks recorded and they were too long. Might use them for another video in the future.