Element String Battle Voting Poll! (Begginer)

Here it is!

The poll will be up for 7 days, only then will you see the winner.










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Missing videos:
Yoyo Player

Message to Yoyo Player:

You still have the chance to get the video in, post a comment to this topic and I’ll add it.

Can I enter my vid tommorow even though its my whole team? I’m still in the vid and I can tell you which part it is in.

I’d rather not do that due to the posibility of confusion.

For me, hands down Mattsk8nike! You did a great job - well put together, awesome music, and cool shirt! :wink:

I liked the rest, too. But in my opinion, I liked him the best.

Good luck to all! :wink:

Darn :cry:

heres my comment on everyone!

Mattsk8nike- nice video, your good, but try to keep the camera still. a tripod might help.

Catorameus- nice video, your also good, try to invent new combos of your best tricks, also try to work on being smooth with your tricks

Raymondini- I cant see your string, therefore I cant tell what tricks you are doing.(you could be doing amazing tricks, or you could just be grabbing the string and swinging the yoyo around)

I’ll skip myself

KAPcom- good video, nice quality, i can really see your string!, try to do more of a variety of tricks, there were a lot of ripcords in there.

YoKid5000- you could be the winner!, try to get good quality in all of your shots. nice tricks. 00:25-00:49 was hard to see the string

Dv888- you could also be the winner!, nice tricks, try to stand closer to the camera!

i thought dv888 was the best. Smoothest combination of tricks and speed. Looked really good. Everyone else was still good, just a few kinks (camera, speed, flow of entire set) to work out for some. Keep up the great yoyoing everyone! :slight_smile:

I just want to say, if I win, even though I don’t think I will, that I am in no need of string so the second place winner should get the string.

That’s seriously a nice thing to do!

But again, it’s not about the prize, it’s about the fun. :slight_smile:

But since you said that nice thing, it doesn’t matter! ;D

yah i dont really want the string :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I just want the satisfaction of being the winner =]

you all should be in advance
mostly you dv888
get out of there
you’re good enough

same here!

i hope thats i joke uve got like no copetition no doubt ur gonna win

:o Everyone’s video was awesome!

I just think that yoyoingmonkey and Dv888 should be in the advanced division. Those are really advanced tricks and combos. :wink:

Once again, for some reason, I think that I’m seriously under everyone else in terms of skill. But I did get a whole lot better since my last contest video :). I just gotta practice more… :stuck_out_tongue:

:o I mean I should take it as a compliment that I’m “advanced” but really I don’t think I am

i hope thats i joke uve got like no copetition no doubt ur gonna win
i didnt think he was too much better than me :-[

Sorry you it was hard to see the string in my video.

most of the time it was really good ;D

i voted dv888, but dv888 should be advancedd :-\