RecRev updated status for november contest.

Yesterday a box showed up with 3 nice yoyos. I will try and post a pic. After a few months of waiting he did in fact come through with most of what was promised. I am satisfied with my prize pack! 3 new yoyos one of which plays superbly. I say 1 because its the only I have really thrown. :slight_smile: tomorrow will be a different one, the next day the other one!
It took a while to get what i got, but i am pleased with with these fine new throws. In fact the one I have had time to really throw, is top notch! Sadly i do not know the name of it.
This is my part for making good on my word to post up when the yoyos arrived. In the end he pretty much did what he promised and i am satisfied. ;D

The yoyo in question is the purple splashed one. The others are the paper mache, and I believe a 33 1/3. If anyone can id the purple one, let me know!