Raise Your Hand if You Got a Mystery Box and You're Feeling Pumped

I just barely made it, and got mine. How bout you?

I missed the first one today cause I was out, and checked YYE at 7:50. Guess what I saw?

Same here! Though I am very pumped about it

I’m raising my hand, nothing is happening

But all serious, I’m excited to see if my predictions are correct.

Got one! So happy. I’m thinking severe and MVP2. Plus bearing, string but it’s all guesstimating.

I just don’t think there’s enough over stock of MVP2s and severes

Equilateral , old protostar, string, CTX

I was thinking along the lines of:
Some boxes maybe different and That YYF was trying to get rid all stuff not selling.

So old supernova/genesis, MVP2, super g, equilateral, old superstar, roll model, old protostar, and (Delrin) severe would be prime candidates. Add severe and protostar to $200 boxes.

I’m new to yoyoing again after around a 10 year break, so I’m really pumped I got one of these boxes. Might get an expensive metal for a song? Heck yeah. I also love that all of the yoyos predicted look like ones that would be fun to have, though I personally really hope for the equilateral out of everything being discussed. Not just because it’s pricier, but I don’t want something too extreme in shape just yet, since my current throw is a humble Velocity. Regardless, I’m feelin’ lucky I managed to get a box to begin with and way too excited to see what’s in it. It’s that Christmas feelin’…

I’m praying for a super g haha that would make me soooo friggin happy. But idk, any throw is awesome since it was 48 bucks

raises hand :wink:

I hope you get 300 dollars worth of O-rings.

I got really lucky. I went through the entire checkout process and once I tried to go to PayPal, something failed, and I thought I was out of luck. HOWEVER… because it went so far through the checkout process, and marked me as paid since I went to PayPal before the error occurred, it saved my order in the system. I got an email asking if I still wanted it the next day! So now I have a Crazy D, some Mini Disk Side Effects, and a Mystery Box on it’s way to me! YAY!

yep! After 3 days of trying, 5 releases, i snagged one last night! ;D

I hope there’s a shutter in one of the boxes, i’ve always wanted to get one!

Pretty slim chance, but never say never as the great Justin Bieber once said lol

There’s probably a higher chance that there’s going to be a dv888 in there instead

I finally got one today after figuring out how to make a customer account yesterday and missing it because I tried adding to my cart and refreshing after already being at the checkout screen. I’m not feeling so much pumped as I am mentally exhausted at trying to figure out how to work out the logistics of me being in front of a computer during all of the time frames.

Yes! I was down to my last O-ring. Should have never made that necklace and earring set for the missus.

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I got one, I’m excited regardless of whats in it. I’ve been trying to get one for a couple years so it has been a fun experience for me.

Bummer, my internet was too slow.