Free MonkeyfingeR Yo-yo! Contest

The latest contest from MonkeyfingeR Design.  Pop over to the facebook page to enter.  Details below.

Hello and a Big Thank You!! for spreading the word!!! Monkey Fans Rock!!! So we got to 950…What now ?? Well we have a pretty cool contest to announce.
First of all we have a brand new Throw coming out in February whats the exact date we aren’t sure just yet but don’t worry you all will be the first to know. :slight_smile:
The new throw is called the Lesula, this new throw is named after a newly discovered species of monkey which look very human like.

So what’s the contest…??
Here is our contest. Since we have an awesome link to tutorials thanks to Jeremy. We would like you to follow the link at the bottom of the post, it will take you to our website which is also connected to mfd tutorials, in the tutorials you will find a large amount of very cool tricks you can learn. You need to pick three of the tricks out of the ones posted there and then add a fourth of your choice. you need to make a video with those tricks in it plus our logo plus a list of the tricks you’ve chosen. then please post your video on our page. video has to be at least 45 seconds and a max of 1 minute. you have until Feb 1st to post video. And you could be the winner of a Monkey fingeR Lesula before anyone else.
are we going to post a picture of the Lesula. Not today. we will be dropping hints until it finally drops for real!!!

Thanks again for all the support keep in mind you can pick any tricks at any skill level as long as you follow the rest of the guidelines. we will be judging on originality of video and style as much as skill so honestly you all have a chance. Be creative and have fun and of course learn new tricks.
Good Luck and follow the link at the bottom.[size=10pt][/size]

I wuld love to participate but ur link is down is ther any other way I culd participate :3?

He must’ve had trouble embedding it.

Here you are:

Contest or no, that set of tutorials contains some tricks not seen anywhere else. Well worth putting on your lists!

Looking forward to seeing an advance peek of the yoyo, too.

Was this yoyo one of the prototypes you guys had at PNWR last year?

Thank you, that represents the bulk of my work for the last three years.

Last years prototype became the Gelada. The new throw is something different. Announcements will be made soon.

Wow, probably not going to film a video but definitely going to learn some of your tricks tomorrow!


Why not film? The contest isn’t about skill level, it’s about learning trick and sharing. I don’t mean to pressure, I just want to reassure you that you should feel free to enter. If not, enjoy the tricks!

Hmm, So I should make a video… I have to learn three tricks from you guys and use those and one of my own in a video?

Great idea! I really want to do it!

Can I just PM you here? I have no Facebook. :-\

Yes, just make sure you get the mfd logo at the beginning, use three of the mfd tutorials tricks, and one more that can be your own or one you learned elsewhere, or a fourth m trick. Ill pass it along for you.

What if I do not have a Facebook? Would I be able to post here or email my entry to you guys?

I fought getting a facebook until my local club moved on there. So I made an account with a fake name so I could keep track of things. If you want to know whats going on in the yoyo world, you may want to do the same. Having said that, I look forward to seeing what video’s arise! If you need help with any of the tricks, message me and I’ll try to explain further.

You had two prototypes, One became the Gelada but the other was a bigger yoyo that Had a very organic round shape to it.

Indeed. The decision was made to go with the Gelada, the other one was shelved. I don’t actually know what the new one is going to look like. The monkey kings are keeping it close to thier chests. I believe the plan is to let you know soon though. The second I have it there will be a new tutorial starring it!

I can’t do the contest then?

Lol, no, you can still enter. Just pm me or send it to Or do both!

Is the Evil-Yo getting the boot?

The last evil yo’s were gone a year ago, they have only been making Gelada’s since then. Although I suppose if enough ask for them the MonkeyfingeR guys might consider a re release down the road.

Got it