Contest: Now Hold Your Throws Up For The Winners!!

I’ve seen these kinds of threads posted in this section lately, so here goes:

TotalArtist Contest #1 for Leather Yo-Yo Holder Release

I recorded a few yo-yo songs recently.  This is a contest where you listen to the song, answer a series of questions (with a number answer), get a score, and if you are the highest score, you win.  Listen to the song, and PM me with answers to the questions below.  PM so others don’t steal your answers.  I will pick a winner after we have enough entries, hopefully by July 16th.  If you have any questions about the rules for this contest, you may post in the thread so others can be aware of your inquiry.  But, read this entire post first.  If you like yo-yos, music, and you can follow instructions, you can enter the contest.  Have fun…and thanks!  Special thanks to my band mates Fellavader and mgiroux77, who heard this song before anyone else, (my other sets of ears).

Song:  Hold Your Throws Up! Written, produced, performed by TotalArtist

Contest Questions:

1.  How many different tricks are mentioned in the song? *
2.  How many references are made to YoyoExpert products or items that might bear a YYE logo? +
3.  How many yo-yo brand (company) names, for yo-yo makers, are mentioned in the song?
4.  How many specific yo-yos are mentioned in the song? 
5.  How many stores (online or otherwise) are mentioned in the song?
6.  How many Andre Boulay signature yo-yos are mentioned in the song?
7.  In the song, I do _____things to the TotalArtist leather holder I am wearing? -
8.  How many yo-yo players are mentioned in the song?
9.  How many verses are in the song?
10.  How many yo-yoers signed throws for me (according to the song)?
11.  How many yo-yo related accessories are mentioned in the song? ++

*Refer to the list of tricks on the yoyoexpert site under “learn,” also refer to the card with the list of tricks on it,  included with your last yoyoexpert order. If you do not have the card, try to find someone who does, as it might help you. 
+YoyoExpert items, for these rules, refer to any item mentioned in the song that “might” bear a YYE logo, which includes any special edition versions of those items.
++Refer to the list of accessories in the YoyoExpert store.

Additional Rules:
-All answers require only a number, and anything besides that, or in addition to that, is considered wrong.  Keep it simple.  Do not answer a question with a question, or give me more than one answer.  The ability to follow instructions is part of the contest. 
-When you PM me, put “Leather Holder Contest,”  in the subject heading, number 1-11 and fill in your answers.  I will confirm receipt of your entry by reply. 
-Anyone on my blocked list may not enter the contest for obvious reasons, as a PM is required. 
-You must be YYE forum registered before the date of this post, otherwise, you must wait until the next contest to participate.
-Anyone discovered making entries under multiple usernames will be disqualified. 
Note:  If there is a tie, I will post for the tie breaker.  An answer key has been established, so there is an answer I am looking for for each question, and I’m sticking to it : )  We may discuss the answers later, after the winnings are announced.

1st place = A YYE Edition genuine leather holder (as sold on YYE), and a $50 gift certificate to YYE
2nd place = A short version of the leather holder and $20 gift certificate to YYE
3rd place = A short version of the leather holder

More contests to come…Contest #2 posted in a few weeks.  A hint about future contests:
I want to hear people recite the promo song, the Leather Holder Song, on the product page from memory, also the song “Hold Your Throws Up” needs a music video…hmmmm  'til next time.

How are you scoring entries?

Hi, with 11 questions, each question is worth 9.09, and I will grade the answers like a school teacher. So, your paper gets a grade. If you break the rules as stated (for example, give me more than one answer to a question), I will deduct points. But, there are ways to be disqualified automatically, such as someone found sending entries through multiple usernames, or someone not forum registered before today’s date. Those on my blocked list are automatically disqualified…only a few people, and they earned it. I will post an additional question for a tie breaker, if necessary. I designed this so there are easy questions and harder ones too, as you may have to refer to YYE site and so on as indicated for a few questions. Otherwise, enjoy the song and have fun. Any questions feel free to post. I had fun making the contest, so have fun if you want to participate. If this one does well, I will do others like it.

Highest score so far 18.18. If someone can beat that score, they are in 1st place. Gives you something to reach for. I know someone can do better.

Ya and I know that probably wasn’t this contest is definitely geared toward a specific crowd. I’m 33yold and didn’t listen to too much rap grownin up. Maybe a little MC hammer or vanilla ice but that was it and I couldn’t understand most of there songs. My brain I guess just can’t keep up. I totally guessed at yours because I didn’t understand 75% of the song. Just blurred speach slapped together. Nothin against you, it’s my hearing. I did like the beat though. Thats why I’ve always leaned toward dubstep or techno. No, or very little of, words and a nice beat.

Ps. I did however catch at least 1 cuss word in it. Fyi to those younger kids.

I’ll PM you my entry when I get back home.

And btw, and I pretty sure there are no cuss words.

lol…there are no explicit lyrics in my song…period. According to the recent yo-yo music threads, a lot of people listen to rap or rock, so that song is a little of both. I can tell some of you guessed some, but no harm in that. It’s free to enter the contest, so do what works for you.

I guess most contests are geared toward a specific crowd, as my yo-yo skills are not up to par to attempt winning most of the contests I see. Some people don’t have a video camera or means of shooting tricks to upload. This is definitely something different. I wanted to do something I haven’t seen before. I’m not familiar with dubstep…but I might try it sometime. I can do techno…easy.

By the way…I’m 36yo, and love R&B first, Rap second, anything top 40, a little reggae, a little folk, a little rock…anything pop really I can feel it. Here’s a tip:

I have a faster rap style, but posting the lyrics would make this too easy I think. Instead, use that pause button on the video and digest a bit at a time.

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Ill send my entry tonight.

Thanks, I think you posted after I modified my last response…so take a look when you have a chance. I’ll await your entry…

Just sent my entry. Hope I win. Probably won’t though. Had some trouble with some.

Too premature to let on, but looks like a few of you guys are playing to win. Low score is 9.09, high score is 72.72. No ties yet.

Thanks for the entries so far. I received some interesting thoughts in the PMs. If any of you are stuck on a question, consider the “context” of the lyrics which will give you a clue about the answer I am looking for. Still a good chance of winning here, as there is not a perfect score. Also, post comments in the thread…entry only by PM.

I promise to post all scores and the answers at the end of this. Also, thanks for the props on the songs too.

The instrumental is too loud and the vocals are just too soft >.<
I’m having a hard time listening to this. Oh well. Thug life.

Lol, that was great. Keep thuggin.

Thanks! Seems like you heard it just fine… Yo-Yo thuggin…title of the next song. lol

Lol…I did several mixdowns and picked the one I liked best, but I tend to mix vocals like an instrument within the song…I don’t like them sticking out. I have several entries now so too unfair to post an acapella version at this stage. Thanks for tryin’ anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose…all else fails…guess.

No no, it’s all good :]. I’m still submitting my entry. The beginning is what I had trouble the most especially because I’m transcribing this for my own benefit [and to prevent silly mistakes] and I can’t quite understand some of it so I just put blanks…but they were the ones that didn’t have any help with the 11 questions. But after the first hook everything was clear :smiley:
Yeah, it’s still good :]

You got super keen ears…the second verse and third are slightly louder. I’m shocked you noticed. I was going to move the fader up a bit on that first verse but figured no one would notice. Pretty good dude…definitely put in an entry…this contest is too easy. Everyone can use a free holder and a few extra bucks too.

I even made it difficult for me to run it through Adobe Audition and hopefully get rid of some of the bass, but no luck because there are still some of the ‘noise’ running on the mids so I just closed everything and just kept listening to it with no alterations over and over again. :smiley:

BTW, I noticed something. Not the audio itself, but something else. I’ll PM you.

Got the PM.  I have a mix with less bass too , but I love bass…my favorite…so that was done on purpose.  In hindsight, another mix would have been better for contest purposes.  By the way let me know what you think of the promo song…music is mono, but overall, which do you think is better? I put an acapella right after so the message gets across. 

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