Mgiroux77 Collection Contest UPDATE Winner Yoyokid8

So I got what I was waiting for in the mail today and your package will be out to you tomorrow yoyokid… I will PM you with the tracking info tmr afternoon… :stuck_out_tongue:

Any updates?

I got the package in the mail yesterday AM and it should be to yoyokid by tomorrow!!! I hope he gets it tomorrow and can share with the community what his gift was!!!

I do plan to have another contast in the near future that will be a but harder. This was a quck and fun way to get myself going in the “contest” field. I have always wanted to do one and I figured my first one would be quick and easy… The next one will be a little bit harder!!!

I know this is absolutely killing yoyokid by now, but he will find it was all worth it. I was sworn to secrecy. :-X

You two are hard to persuade.
And yes, the wait is killing me. KILLING me. Slowly. I will be dead tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue: