Who won?


I thought André was gonna tell us who won the YYE Contest tonight.

EDIT: Nvm, IDC, André does enough for the yoyo community as it is, so I think I should have at least a little patience


Yah although I only entered 3 times, that still gives me a 1-9 chance of winning! ;D
Andre is amazing and I cannot wait to hear what names he draws out of his hat(does he have a hat or something?)
Still, This was a gr8 contest, thanks to Andre and all other yoyoexpert community members that made it possible!!!


Sorry guys.
Was coming back from Virginia State Yo-Yo Contest and flight delays got me arriving much later than expected - I hate to push the official drawing until tomorrow but we have to be completely fair and make sure I don’t miss any entries.

Official drawing happening tomorrow - check throughout the day. :wink:

I will be back for chat night this week too and will have an official chat game night! :slight_smile:

Back soon.


Thats gr8! Cant wait until tommorrow! hope you get home safely!!!
Good luck!


Awesome! ;D

Lolz, I hope I win something. I’m not allowed to buy another yoyo until I graduate high school


man that’s gonna be terrible. your like in 8th grad aren’t you?


Yeah. Thats why I thank André, cause he gives people like me a chance to get more yoyos. I really hope I win the AXIOM, haha

Plus, I’m in 7th grade


Ouch 7th!!! that was my hardest year!!! Im only a High school sophmore tho!!! LOL
I hope I win as well!!!


I can’t wait ;D I’ve been buying so many yo-yos lately. I already have a legacy, hoping to win the axiom or the dark magic.


Samad, I’m in 7th grade too and I already have an Axiom!

Happy Throwing! =]


Haha, thats awesome ;D

(Connor) #12

Dont mean to pry but why arent you allowed to buy anymore? Are your parents forcing you to save money for a car or something ??? :frowning:


No, they think I waste too much money on yoyos


Well you do!!!Im a sophmore turning 16 in two months and I wish I hadn’t bough an axium, speeder, Dark magic, hitman, sunsetS, and aquarius!!! (jeez i didn’t realize that I would have to type soo much!!!) I wish I had a CAR!!!(ford mustang)


So tonight we are supposed to find out?

Is it gonna happen in the chat?

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #16

My parents think I spend too much time yo-yoing and they also think it is a waste of time and it is just like throwing your money in the garbage. If you ask me, I consider yoyoing one of the lost arts of the world. They also don’t approve of me going to contests or going pro.! Man, I can feel my adrenaline pumping. WWWWOOOOOOO


Results will be posted in a new thread - coming very soon!!! :wink:


Oh my god, I’ m so nervous.

I hope I win something, but I don’t think I’m the only person who feels that, haha