Ok - We will have a forum contest instead


Keep an eye on this thread.


This is going to be fun. ;D


How could we win???

I’m scared, haha

Thanks André, for doing all of this for us :smiley:


what kind of a contest ???


Well I was quite excited for the chat - so we have to do something fun… :slight_smile:


Wow this seems like a good idea… can’t wait to see how it develops!!!


Just finishing something else up guys - give me a few more minutes - back soon.


Anything for you André ;D

Are you guys ready to beat me?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:


haha this is my first type of yoyo contest if any one loses it’s me and thanks Andre


ha, mine too thanks Andre


Don’t worry - this one will be kept clean and simple - just about fun. :slight_smile:



even though I wanted to win something that’s ok


this will be fun then


YAit will


This is fun and it hasn’t even started yet!!!


Ok - at 9:00pm I will start the contest thread and will explain the rules. :wink:


hahaha it is :o


here we go again!!


:-[ I’m not sure how to post. Did this work?


Yea, it worked.