YoYoExpert Weekend Contest!

Want $25 to spend on yo-yo gear?!

Well we are sure you all do… However only TWO members will win THIS WEEKEND.


During this weekend YOYOEXPERT will make two posts - they can be in ANY section of the forum at any time of day/night… What you need to do is be the FIRST person to respond to the post to win the $25 gift certificate to YoYoExpert.

These Topics will contain the title “POST TO WIN”

Just wanted to give you a little fun - Enjoy…

Don’t forget to practice actually playing with your yo-yo too this weekend… :wink:



lol now every 1 well be online 24 hours haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope neither of them will be posted during DXL…Otherwise, I’m usually on all the time anyways.

Thanks, André for doing this for us. :slight_smile:


If it is anywhere in the afternoon tomorrow I am screwed…

Agreed. Luckily, today I’ll be on the computer 24/7 :smiley: Though if I win, I might buy something for one of my friends.

Samad, I think he means EST. Which means tomorrow and Day after tomorrow. Also, thank you Andre for this event!

I will definitely be on!

Aww shucks Samad you shouldn’t for me…

I have the MWR BBQ tonight… Poop.

On second thought, I decided that I would rather have fun hanging out with other yoyoers then winning the $25. I would like to win it, but hanging out with people from YYE, and a lot of old friends beats the $25 in my book.

I really don’t know any throwers that are coming that are from YYE, only one I know of is Dudeofyo…

$25 would be awsome to win, but I will be at DXL also, I hope one of them is on Sunday. Crossing fingers

So this is the contest he was talking about the other day…

Cool. Great idea André.

This is probably going to break that “record” of most people on here at once.

I wish i will win because you know my problem here in my place & in my situation right?

cool, ill try ut i don’t think i can do it, i dont go here much

I won’t be at DXL, so I’ll try to post!


I thought you said you were going.

This is going off-topic but Samad said he can’t get a ride.

Might be able to pick him up… Hmm…