Happening this week!


So… Things have been a little busy around here but we didn’t forget about you. :wink:

Happening this week:

-FINALLY naming July forum eXpert. :wink:
-A mini random forum contest.
-New plastic releases from YoYoFactory
-Semi-updated shopping experience at YoYoExpert.com

Please don’t PM on when contest will happen.

Anyone find anything different about the shop?

Yay! the eXpert! (Apetrunk, Iron, Ichtus, xdohl, gm user)

I wonder what the forum contest is. I hope i can win again :stuck_out_tongue: (lol that $25 is still untouched)

(JonasK) #3

My predictions:

  • gm user and Samad as August eXpert
  • well it’s random, you can’t predict random things, that’s why they’re random
  • YYF plsatics
  • Comparison tool


(SR) #5

Cool! Can’t wait to find out who the next forum eXpert is! New shopping experience! But, I hope the contest isn’t during school, that would stink…

(J. Lev) #6

Let’s not forget: I plan on finishing my English and French summer assignments… yay.

(JackG) #7

just like i plan on growing a beard

(SR) #8

Yeah… off topic?

(Yo!It'sMatt) #9

Awh, I hope the contest isn’t during school. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just starting tomorrow.

(SR) #10

Same here.


YES the eXpert!!! (gm user, JM, or Samad-Samad mod.) Ummm is it always a month behind like this?


I’m sorry but I’m not aware of this contest you speak of. I’m intrigued. I’m no expert. I just like to tell kids what to do. Ummmm I mean I like to give out helpful advice. Yeah…lol

Also thanks for sponsoring SCR Andre.


I probably won’t be able to participate in the contest. :stuck_out_tongue:


luckily for me school starts next week so ill probably be around for the contest and i cant wait to see the next expert

(Mikey) #15

I get a day off from school the first day because it starts on labor day!


Ahh, The contest is during school :frowning:

Can’t wait for the new eXpert.

(Infinite Chaos) #17

Soooo, how do these contests usually work?? Wasn’t here before when they had them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have a confirmed date for it btw?


If he does it the same as last time, there will be a thred that’ll say like “Post to win” or something similar and then you just post and you win.

It’s random, so not even he knows when it’ll be yet.

(Infinite Chaos) #19

lmao, thanks apetrunk.


You mean there is no expert stuff involved? Its just random?