Congratulations to our April forum eXpert!

We are proud to announce our April forum eXpert of
This individual should come as no surprise as they are always there with a very thoughtful and well-written response.

Forum eXpert for May is coming soon so as always remember to stay friendly and helpful.  Wink


Congrats! You Deserve it! :slight_smile:

I can’t say that I didn’t expect that. Congratulations anyways.

Addment: eXpert of May? Who will it be? I believe our first mod (I vote for Docrobot) is coming up.

I hoped it’d be kim :wink:

Nice Job


Oh, wow, it was Kim-Lan, I did NOT expect that! /sarcasm

This is actually a very cool contest! Grats to Kim-Lan!

It’s not really a contest. André is just giving the title of eXpert to certain people. I think he does it so that everyone wants to help.


Haha, I still remember when Kimlan first came to the forums as a beginner, my how far she has come!



Congrats Kim, you deserve it. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

yah kim lan! ;D

Congrats Kim, You deserve it.

P.S: I rooted for you…

Good work Kim. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Grats Kim! Haha 1 week ago:

I knew it was you! Congrats! You really deserve it for helping the forums so much! Oh well now lets wait in anticipation for the May expert.


Congrats Kim-Lan. Sorry I wasn’t here when it was announced. (No internet in at the place were I was vacationing? :stuck_out_tongue:


Where were you? Working on being the new forum eXpert?

hahahaha. I was in Vermont and I was hoping to get on there but the internet was down. I was looking for yoyos while I was there too. To the second question: hahahahaha. We will see. JK.