Free yoyo contest! Details inside! DEADLINE MOVED ONE DAY AHEAD!!!

1st. Splitcreek
2nd. LinksLegionaire
3rd. x9x9x9x9x9
4th. sammamishstroke
5th. yoyohw the awesome


Hey guys! I have just gone through a major collection change, and I noticed that I have way too many yoyos to fit in my case, so I thought about a way to skim down my collection. I decided to do it through the medium of a contest. Since I want someone that is new to have an equal chance of winning as someone that is experienced, the contest will be a trivia. I know, people hate trivias, but it will only be 10 questions. You will send the answers in to me, and I will write your name down on a slip of paper. When the contest deadline is reached, I will pick a few names from the box, and whoever wins, gets to pick from a small selection of yoyos. The selection of yoyo may change, but it is unlikely. The selection of yoyos are:

-Mint RecRev Sharp
-Mint YYF Hectic
-Mint FHZ
-Beat Boss
-NM YYF 44

all these yoyos can be found here, in my BST Thread.,98271.msg1045878.html#msg1045878
There will be 5 winners, but who evers name I pick out first will get first selection and so on. I ask that your PM have the subject of Trivia Contest and that you have all 10 answers and questions in the PM. Please do not post answers in this thread. Do not send more than 1 PM without a good reason (I will decide if the reason is good or not).

Good luck, and have fun.

Question 1: Who said: “I’m the president of the United States and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli”?

Question 2: What 1995 blockbuster movie was created by the computer animation company Pixar?

Question 3: Who founded the Coca Cola company?

Question 4: What trials, beginning in 1945, spawned the phrase “I was only following orders”?

Question 5: What infamous Beijing square has a name that ironically means “Gate of Heavenly Peace”?

Question 6: I’ll Be There For You was the theme to which hit TV show?

Question 7:  What Olympic event is about to start when a jury director orders, “En garde”?

Question 8: The rapid flashing of what cartoon sent 618 Japanese children to hospitals with nausea and seizures?

Question 9: What name is given to the methods for making an aircraft hard to detect?

Question 10: What was the name of the Disney cartoon character who sang "I’ve Got No Strings?

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I would enter but this contest seems a little fishy. :-\

The problem is that all these questions are easily Googled. So it doesn’t actually award trivia knowledge… it awards laziness

Did you get my PM?

Well I want to gice everyone a chance. If you are too lazy to google you don’t deserve it.

I believe i got em all right :slight_smile:

Me to.

Should we send in an entry here if we already did on YYN?


No. Haha

can I join?

I actually knew the answers to questions 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 :smiley:

I knew all of 'em but forgot how to spell #5. My mom helped me spell it though.

So its the height of laziness to google the 10 questions ?
I would think the height of laziness is your comment.


Just Kidding

I feel so cool knowing all these answers without needing to google them. 8)

Welcome to the cool kids club 8).

Contest ending at midnight of the 22nd

How many entries?

Like 30+

did u get my pm?