Free yoyo contest! Details inside! DEADLINE MOVED ONE DAY AHEAD!!!

I will get to all PM’s eventually. I answer all of them.

Deadline is TONIGHT!

Hey you haven’t Pm’ed me. Did you get mine?

Is it a good idea to reply if you sent one back saying good luck? I wanted to just say thanks!

I say that to everybody haha. Didn’t know what else to say.


I never got a reply back, but congrats to all the winners

SAWEET! I’m new to this forum (well new as a member been watching it for a few months). This REALLY makes me like this one!

Hey, you didn’t tell me I won. Haha Jk, congrats winners! You got some cool stuff!

Can you post the people who won?

It’s on the first page.

Due to school and such, I will probably ship out wednesday or thursday. Hope that is not a problem for you guys?

Thats perfectly fine. Did you get my last pm with my info?

Yeah I did. I’ll try to get it out as soon as I have free time, but school is priority. I will send it by friday though. probably thursday

Sweet! I’m taking a few classes right now as well so I understand. Once again Thanks You. I think this is the first time i’ve won anything actually free.

No. Never free. Your price was your info. AND MAYBE YOUR LIFE ( music dun dun duuuuh on an organ).

OH NO! I better hide my kids hide my wife and hide my husband to. I figure the worst thing that could happen is spam mail but I don’t think thats going to happen considering Swatnoodle is an active member and it look pretty legit to me.

I have 10 feedback here and more on yoyonation, if that means anythign to you guys ;D

Exactly. I saw that and I then decided to enter. I also noticed all the pictures were taken on the same counter and everything. So that helped. Eh I probably would’ve entered no matter what though, un less it SCREAMED “fake”.

Hehe. The only camera I have is my phone camera, and my counter is always near me and is bright enough to take pics ;D

Hey, so I have been busy, but I promise I will ship out by next monday. Thanks for your patience.

Its all good I know how horrible the first week of school is.