Name that Yo-yo?

Hey guys, ever since I started throwing again a couple weeks ago I have been wondering about a certain throw in my collection. I have no idea what it is sadly, but I do remember I purchased it probably in 2015-2016, and it was around 40-50 bucks. Any help or answer on what it is would be awesome! (Photos aren’t the best sorry, I can take better ones if need be.) Personally not a huge fan of the feel or shape in my hand, so if it’s desirable or would go to a good home, I’d definitely trade or sell it. But we’ll save that topic for the appropriate thread. :+1:t2:


My best guess so far is that it is an older model from C3Yoyos

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The shape screams C3, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen those cups before…


Yoyofficer aura


I think you nailed it! Thank you :pray:t2:

See that’s what I thought as well, but turns out it is a YoYofficer Aura!


I wanna play!

Ok, ok… here’s a fairly easy one.

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Easy to you! Lol jk, you have stumped me though so I need some hints. Is it an American throw? Almost gives me One Drop vibes but not really, also gives me YYF vibes. And I’m sure neither are correct or even close? :rofl:

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I know this one:

Throwing Sideways PWRHouse


It is an American throw as far as I know. The company is based here, not sure where it was machined to be honest.

This specific throw is a prototype of the production model, so it does not have the trademark engravings.

Not One Drop or YYF…

Hint: The designer is active on this forum.

Hint #2: @MarkD is correct. :rofl: