What yoyo is this?

Hey guys I have a yoyo, and I don’t remember at all what it is called, I got it in a trade a while back…

could I get some help :slight_smile:

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Hard to tell from those photos, could be a Supernova… Less blurry photos would help a lot to ID it.

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sorry, here are more pictures. i dont think this yoyo is a yoyofactory :confused: I just doesnt have any logo or anything. its a pretty full sized yoyo somewhere around 2.20cm diameter


Kinda looks like a yyf aviator, not sure though.


Not a Supernova. Not an Aviator, Genesis, or Neo Genesis. The Aviator/Genesis shape is closest I’ve seen so far though. There’s no laser engravings on it which leads me to believe it’s not a YYF.

That sure looks a lot like a Yuuki Model?
Or as Amplified Return Tops Proto maybe?

Looks like an amplified yoyo but the cup cuts look different.

Im on the case

yeah haha I completely forgot, ive searched for hours on my messages and I cannot find what yoyo this is from the trade :stuck_out_tongue: the fact that there is no engraving or anything makes it impossible. it plays really well tho

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Looks like an Avant-garde

it aint a yyf thats for sure