Can anyone identify this yoyo?

I bought this yoyo quite a while back, and now that I’ve come back into yoyoing, I can’t remember what it is other than a prototype, or who made it. I’d appreciate it if someone could identify it! Thanks! (sorry if this is in the wrong section, I’m new)

It like a prototype of a YoYo…maybe a general yo? Not sure though…:thinking:

I already asked them and they said that it wasn’t. Also, if it helps, it’s roughly 79 grams.

It looks kinda similar to the Vs Newton Septopus except for that cup. The Septopus had a flat section around the spike whereas that yoyo looks like it is curved right up to the spike, the Septopus also had some lines around the rim on the cup’s face while that one looks more plain. Maybe an early Septopus prototype?

Potential Yoyo Co. LeTap

Wasn’t a very popular yoyo due to the weight.

thank you!

Skill… I couldn’t even guess it.

Potential yoyo co. Letap