Can anyone identify what this is a proto of? Or what yoyo it is?

Looks recrev maybe? But its supposed japanese

Its an unknown yoyo prototype that no one knows who or how many were made. All we know is that is is a japanese yoyo. There is no one that can help you out with identifying it because no one knows anything about it.

1 of 10 7075. Im told its worth a lot but how can i know?

Awesome throw, I wish I had some info for you. The shape reminds me of a yoyo I saw where the center was Delrin and it spun for easy grinds but this is obviously not that but the shape was similar.

Kuyostar. The name of the yoyo you know.

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Is it yours? Can’t tell you since it isn’t engraved. Just take it as a Japanese throw.



its a proto yyr yoyo.

Yes. Y?

That’s the one.

definitely not a YYR

It does look a lot like a god tricks bomber

Now that you mention it, it does look a lot like the God Tricks Bomber.

#1. I have had this yoyo before.

#2. I’m pretty sure it’s not Japanese. Most of them were originally sold by Kondziox2, a yoyoer from Poland I believe. That’s where I got mine. I’m pretty sure he made them and made stuff up about them to get them to sell.

#3. It is not YYR

#4. It is not worth a lot.

Unfortunately, I traded a lot for mine, thinking it was going to be worth a lot.

^ I was offered a this yoyo, for my YYR 6. After reading that, I guess I’m going to have to turn it down… So you’re sure those facts are correct? (Not doubting your knowledge, it’s just no one seems to know much about this.)

How does it play?

Lol he said that a supra, a rally and a bad rep for it was fair

He probably was lied to like Locust. He probably didn’t know that it wasn’t worth much. Cut the guy some slack.

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When I say it’s not worth a lot, I mean it’s not worth YYR value. It’s kinda hard to set a price, but I’d say they’re worth like $60 to $80. Which is wayyyyyyy less than what I traded for it.