Mystery Yo-Yo Proto/need expert help...bud/ratface? Someone??

Hey, so I’ve got this prototype but I have no idea what it is. I was told it was made in the same factory as Yoyorecreation and only 6 were made. Perhaps this is the infamous third impact prototype? I honestly have no clue or idea to the reliability of the backstory perhaps someoneone else does? It is 7075 aluminum I know that much…see attached for pictures…

Now that I look closer at it, it seems to be a yyr perfect star, how limited were these?

Is this one of those Japanese prototypes I see people in the BST talkig about sometimes?

I am getting one of these from a guy in Poland. So I would like to know more as well.

Most likely, from what I’ve traced the guy in poland selling these has had 2~3 so far and they do closely resemble the yyr perfect star by specs…

how does it play? Looks interesting. Kinda reminds me of a Ti5

He has at least two, you have one, and Aznboyaz has one. I’m expecting one from him as well, but I can’t guarantee he hasn’t scammed me.

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I really feel like I’ve seen one before. Pics of the IRG?

Ive heard that it is some unknown Japanese brand.

I can’t embed the picture because its almost impossible on mobile, but here’s a link:

just to clarify

i traded this to my Buddy SuperSNSproductions

this is going to his house, so he doesnt have it yet

NOOOOO, plays nothing like a Ti5 and the cup looks nothing like it either!

theyre so different haha

This thing is super solid and heavy and powerful, has such presence

Ti5 is smooth floaty light and feathery with a great fast paced feel haha

Did you ship first? He is so like persistent and kept trying to work a trade out with me even tho I told him he had nothing I wanted and he kept talking up this Japanese prototype I told him if he wanted to trade he would have to ship it to me first I hope you don’t get scammed he sounded like a great guy but his persistency is what kinda made me iffy

Um, hes literally my best friend haha!
We met on YYE and now we’re starting an company together :slight_smile:
ive done like 6 or more trades with him, im sure im fine

i can vouch for him for sure.
He really Great guy.

He’s talking about the polish guy :stuck_out_tongue:
At least I assume! If not, sorry I came off as persistent that’s not my intentions.

It looks to have the specs of a perfect star with a third impact/jealousy irg…

Yeah, he had been interested in my stuff before, but he had nothing I wanted.

Also, he didn’t ship on the date we agreed, took 4 days to get me the tracking number, saying that he was out of town, only for me to see on the tracking that he shipped it 3 days later than we agreed. So, needless to say, if there isn’t an awesomely nice playing japanese proto yoyo in the package when it gets here, I’m going to be ape***t furious.

Mind if I ask how much you paid?

I didn’t pay, i traded a Wooly Marmot, Catalyst, Northstar, and PSG.