What is this yo?

Hello - Going through my collection prior to selling some, and I have no idea what this yo is. Probably purchased through Yoyonation, probably early-mid 2000’s.

Thanks for any help!


now I could be wrong but it looks like to me some type of a 888 with hubstacks

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Should have included measurements… Approx. 2 3/8 across the caps, 1 5/16 across the ‘wings’

Can i get a mm measurement to be more precise in the specs? And the weight too

Maybe a DNA with Z-Stacks @yyfben2.deactivated ?

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It does not have the signature bump/rim step


It looks to be a bit more undersized based on the size of the z stack in relation to the cup and the shape of it gives me somewhat of a time frame of the release

Is that a d bearing or size c?

Hard to get exact measurements, except the bearing - .5 inch. MM size is (around) 42 (at the edge) x 56+ a little.

That looks to me like an OG california from yoyofactory. Generally if you pull off the white stacks it should have the name under them.

The Raw body and white stacks makes me think it’s one of the proto versions they sold


It is most definitely a YYF prototype California. Is also engraved with the “National yoyo day”.

Thanks all. Duh - I never took the caps off. It is in fact a california prototype, 4/50, dated 06/06/08. Mine does not have “National yoyo day” engraved anywhere, it looks like the picture that Sparhawk posted.


Nice find bro!

I’m always impressed when someone figures out what unknown yos are like this! :smiley: Nice job!
Also, happy slice of cake day (yye anniversary)!

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California completely skipped my mind. Good find

Oh he meant the date is national yoyo day