Signature yoyos

So I was looking at the Shutter and realized it was gentry’s third signature yoyo. Then zi realized takeshi has 3, and andre has 4 (6 if you count both versions of 2 of his sigs), so… Now Im curious about who has the most. Is it andre?

probably steve brown like most things in yoyoing. lol

I think over the years Tyler Severance has had a large amount of signature throws. Not sure exactly how many but I think it’s around 5 or 6. :slight_smile:

How many signatures?

Tyler has 8, I think:

Save Deth/ SPYY Trainwreck
Save Deth/ SPYY Trainwreck 2
YoYoFactory Severe
YoYoFactory 2010 Severe
YoYoFactory Supernova
YoYoFactory Supernova Lite
YoYoFactory Nova
YoYoFactory Severe Delrin

New supernova as well

Actually. Hiroyuki suzuki.
I don’t wanna list em. Bc. Too many. LOL

Speeder 2
Triple Jam?

anything else?

whats a triple jam?

These young kids. :frowning:

That is sweeettt :o

And I’m Sorry T~T

Alright, Suzuki’s got 10, anybody got more than him?

Don’t worry bud I was just giving you a hard time. :wink:

I really do like some of the old YYJs.
They gotta bring back some of these things!

You missed 2012 versions. The current ones are 2013.
If you counted the different specifications, he would also have 10 unless we’ve missed something.