The Supernova (lite) by YoYoFactory |

I would have to run the numbers, but I think that Tyler Severance might possibly have the most signature yo-yos of any other yoyoer. Go with me on this one. The Trainwreck 1 and 2 from the Save Deth/Spyy collaboration, the Severe with caps, the Severe w/caps, Severe 2010, and the Supernova which was once rumored to be the Sever3 and the Supernova Lite. How can a yo-yo player possibly have seven signature yo-yos? Because he is just that freaking good. That’s why. The Supernova Lite was gifted to me by my good friends at the Learning Express in Roseville. This week I carried the pink and blue Supernova Lite and surprise, surprise, a green and yellow Supernova lite came in the mail from the boys at YoYoFactory. Two yoyos, two colorways, one review week. Naturally I did what any yo-yo who loves the purple and green combo would do; I swapped halves. Review of the Supernova Lite