Most signature series throws

I don’t think there’s been a thread like this before… if I’m wrong - I do apologize.

I’m pretty sure it’d have to be Mickey:
Speeder 2
(probably missing 1 or 2)

I’m sure Johnnie, Andre, and Eric Koloski are all honorable mentions (I can think of at least 3 for each of them)

Just curious

I think mickey does have the most: Those are just from YYJ. Also the Anglam from YYA is his signature. Pretty sure the equinox isn’t his signature yoyo though.

X con
Xcon pro
Hitman pro
Hitman X

Tyler Severance:
Severe 2010
Delrin Severe
2012 Supernova
New Supernova

errr Equilateral! (fixed above!)

also… i suppose there’s the Nova too! (for Tyler)

For Mickey also add Triple Jam (shared).

For JD add ENEME and Lyn Fury. Plus X-Convict if you want to call that different from the X-Con.

Andre has:
Dark Magic
Dark Magic 2
Legacy 2

John Narum:
Triple Jam (shared)
Black Knight

There were two Trainwreck models.

I don’t think Tyler was on Spyy when the trainwreck2 came out. I don’t think it was a sig at that point. Maybe I’m wrong, not sure.

How do we count the sOMEThING brand?

It appears Mickey is working on the LP series of loopers, which I hope to get a pair of when they release. Also, the Anglam for sure is his latest signature model. I’m not sure if he counts most of the rest as signature models. I do know he has a Christopher Chia Anglam which has some deviations from the other Anglam, and isn’t there a 7075 Anglam coming out?

I don’t think Mickey is claiming all sOMEThING models to be signature models for himself.

Tyler Severance was not ever on SPYY. He was on the Save Deth Team. Hence SpyyxSave Seth Trainwreck.

Never knew that. I always assumed he was on SPYY

2nd Trainwreck was when Tyler was with YYF already and wasn’t his sig.

I made a thread about this a while back.

Mickey got the win with Tyler Severance close behind

And Mickey also has the triple jam and anglam