yoyoers who should have a signature model

Okay, so just comment what you think

My opinion is Anthony Rojas ( hint hint look out for one)

Paul Han should get a proper signature yoyo.


Quinton Haley.

for his astounding works in the field of being neat.

Charles Haycock (actually in the making I’ve heard), Isaac Sams, Tomáš Bubák, Vashek Kroutil, and Janos Karancz all deserve one I think.

Dylan Benharris. As far as I know he doesn’t have one yet…


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Alexis JV
Paul Han

Chase Hadden

Andrew Maider and Michael Kurti.


Yes, lets do this now!

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I use to think Petr Kavka but he finally got one. So Paul Han.

Zammy, Bubak,Chase Hadden,Durti Kurti,Maider, and Graeme.End of Ulmer’s story…

Yoyofactory VK was Vasheks signature model.

Andrew Maider
Graeme Steller

Definitely Zammy. Interested to see what he could cook up.

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Cascade x Code2. Either SE or no SE, not decided.
It will happen.


Tessa piccolo

I totally forgot about her…thanks Abby!

Everyone beat me to it, haha, but Maider and Kurti! Also, it’d be cool to see a Biser Lukich, Janos Karancz, Alex Lee, Paolo Bueno and Wilson Van Gundy signature.