yyf yuuksta review :)

First off: i had 60 dollars in my wallet at the toy store so i decidet to get a yyf yuuksta my friend had one and i heard many good things bout them in the box comes string and of course a yuuki spencer signature series yuuksta

first throw: wow that was an amazing throw i did a jade whip and a trapeze and his brother slack trick and then a trick i made up !

Play: i think it basically plays kinda like a modified genisis it is good its pretty floaty and very undersized it has an h shape is size compared to an 888:bigger gap a little wider in width

negatives: it is a little vibey especially with ceramic kk not as stable as it could have been… rating:8.5 awesome job yuuki

overall:good yoyo buy it if you like undersized h shape and smooth

I played both the genesis and yuuksta (I did a test drive on a friend’s genesis and I have the yuuksta)

I’m not going to say that they play the same, I found the genesis more “floaty”, more than being a “small genesis”, I’d qualify the yuuksta more like a “compact” genesis, like if you put a genesis in between your hands and somehow press it down so it becomes a yuuksta. Well, I wanted the genesis because I’ve seen it as a full size yuuksta, but in the end, they feel totally different to me and while I like the yuuksta, I don’t really like the genesis, to me it feels “too light” somehow

thnks and how was the review

I think it was too short, you can’t just say it was “amazing”, you have to also say how or why you found it amazing, what is your reference, how does it compare to your other yoyos

the yuuksta is not a perfect yoyo either, none are (well some are pretty close), so you could have also talked about the negative aspects of it

probably also about what makes the yuuksta, what is specific on this yoyo etc…

3 points and 3 sentences don’t cut it to me, you have to develop your points, write arguments, not just “it’s amazing” and “it’s great”, which is not a review, but your impressions. A review if you ask me, should be objective, your post is 100% subjective and way too short

now there’s nothing wrong with giving us your impressions about the yoyo, but I wouldn’t call it a review

if you read a review (YYskills etc…) and compare it to your post, you’ll see what I mean
I’m not saying you should post such good reviews, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to at least try.

and of course, a few pictures wouldn’t hurt either. challenge yourself and you’ll get better

Waitwaitwait, a toy store sold the YYF Yuuksta!? Man I hate where I live, the best yoyos they have here are some Duncan FH2s.

well it was called learning express they have dark magic 2 lyn fury fhz 888s superstars yuukstas protostars northstars starlites and duncans and yomegas !!!

u got it good’ my barely sell imperials :confused:

whoa! you mean the place near panda express and peet’s coffee and tea?

where what city or state

CA San Jose/Cupertino/Saratoga area

no thats not the store i got it from mine is near jamba juice and fresh choice and petroglyph and starbucks

in CA?

i luv the yuuksta its an amazing yoyo

the yuuksta is awesome

yes in ca

Really short review. You could go into a little more detail about the play and give some pics. As far as the Genesis being like the daddy of the Yuuksta, I can see the similarites in the play. It reminds me of the Peak, Wooly Marmot relationship.


No man, not at all. Just trying to give some constructive criticism. If I were trying to say it was a bad review, I would say, “This is a terrible review”. Your review wasn’t bad at all, just a bit short.

what he said

and also my comment (you asked for it) that you ignored on the previous page.

it’s not to hurt, just to help, if it’s your first review, you should welcome criticism not be hurt by it. (well, unless someone tells you “it’s a piece of excrement” then it’s hurtful and non constructive and you should just ignore and/or report to the moderator who’ll take care of it)

i changed it upa little