YYF Yuuksta Review (With lots of pics)

YYF Yuuksta Review
The YoyoFactory Yuuksta is first in the line of World Champion Yuuki Spencer’s EPIC signature series. It is a cross between his two favorite yoyos, the Genesis and 888x. Now, the main attraction: The Yuuksta
Introduction: The Yuuksta is my first metal unresponsive yoyo, and I am super excited to review and play with it. YoyoFactory has made a lot of yoyos, and this one will cost you $65. Is it worth it? We’ll find out.
Weight-65 grams
Response-CBC Slim Pad
Bearing Size-CBC SPEC Bearing (Size C)
Packaging: YoyoFactory packaging is great! It not only shows off your yoyo but looks cool, too! The only thing about the Yuuksta’s box that I didn’t like was that it did not come with an instruction manual that shows you how to bind and do a finger grind like my ProtoStar did. When you open it there is a green string and then the yoyo. Yay.

First Thoughts: The Yuuksta. It is small, and it looks really cool. I got the black acid wash large bearing version. This yoyo feels smooth to the touch, and has a big gap, which I personally like. I had to do some homework right after opening it, and I was dying to throw it the whole time. Absolute torture.

Bearing and Response: The SPEC bearing is by far the best bearing I have tried. (I have yet to try a KK). When I pulled the yoyo out of the box the bearing was spinning! I know, AMAZING, right? Much better than my ProtoStar’s Center Trac bearing. I haven’t had that much experience with different kinds of response systems, but the Yuuksta’s works. Nothing bad about it.

Playability: The part you’ve all been waiting for! On a throw: The Yuuksta gently plummets out of your hand and down the string. It does not feel heavy when it hits the bottom of the string, like some heavier yoyos do. All you hear is the sound of some heavy-duty spinning. This yoyo is not quiet. At all. It is loud, and wants to be heard!
When doing string tricks, it is very smooth on the string, and doesn’t snag very often between layers of string. Sometimes it makes a sucking sound when doing repetitive tricks like the Matrix very fast. Whatever you throw at it, it can handle. I am not yet an expert grinder, but the Yuuksta definitely is good at grinds. The finish is very helpful in doing grinds, and it rocks at arm and finger grinds. The only thing I do not like about the Yuuksta, is that it can start to tilt in the middle of a trick. I have mostly noticed this while doing tricks like Eli Hops and Boomerang, and also Buddha’s Revenge. But, maybe it’s just me…

Comparison photos:

Final Thoughts: In my opinion, the Yuuksta is worth the price, but I probably would not pay more than $70 for it. It is undersized, plays great, except some occasional tilting, and is exceptional at grinds. If you have never tried a YYF yoyo before, and want to try a smaller throw, do yourself a favor and pick up a Yuuksta.

p.s. This is my first review, so feel free to provide feedback. :slight_smile:

what size axle does it have?

12mm Fundametal size. I think.

you have such a good review you made me feel guilty for not buying that. but i couldnm!!! i dont have so much money! only let $45! oh man… but, I’m getting a $30 yoyo that is better than dv888. hope it can compare to the yuuksta! so greay review. best ones yet

Good reviews and good pics

mine tilsts too but i just fix it but it really tilts on elis

You really should switch the bearing from your protostar and put it into the yuuksta, it plays 100% better. The center-trac really helps with the tilting.

Yuuksta with center-trac = my favorite yoyo :wink:

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i did that a while back but it still tilts a lil

Thanks for the advice, I think I will try it! Except for my center-trac doesn’t even spin half as long as the SPEC bearing. Maybe I will clean it and then switch them.

ya ur right im not that big of a fan with spec bearings but they are good

Great review, some part are quite subjective IMO, but all in all, enough to become one great review.

About the tilt, just practice my friend, there will come a time when you can absolutely control the yoyo.

somthing to note is that this yoyo is so durable my freinds accidently slammed mine into tile and nothing not one scuff at all

just got mine today love it