I needs a new yoyo

Hey guys. I looking for a recommendation here. I like undersized yoyos, like if the design on it is more then that one single color. And I prefer complete unresponsiveness unless binding. And with metal of some kind. I would like not to go over 60 dolls here though. I recently got the yuuksta and I like it but it’s kinda too responsive for my taste. But I love the size and design. Anyone got any recommendation yoyos?
Also this is for 1a yoyoing

the flea if you just want to mess around

Di base!

I also say the flea

How is the Yuuksta responsive?

Honesty if you like the yuuksta. Stay with it. make changes to it to make it less responsive. Make it like you want it. In the end it will cost a lot less.

If your talking about the mighty flea then no. how does that compare to a yuuksta? Are you trying to be cruel cuz only jhb has that right here at yye ;D

I’m pretty sure the YoYoFactory 888 comes with a responsive bearing, and it’s undersized. Plus it is a very smooth and well done yo-yo.

Dv888 is awesome.

When ever I throw a breakaway the yuuksta will Come to my hand when I tug it. The string must be rubbing side of yoyo. But it hasn’t ever happened with any of my other yoyos. Also the bearing is STUCK in it, i tried pliers then trying to use lube it Greece it then take out but that bearing is incredibly stuck.

Read the OP. Under $60.

I second the Dv888.

Get it.

I’ve heard good reports about the OneDrop Cafe Racer.

The reason the yuuksta is responsive is because you lubed it heavily.

I have a Yuuksta and it’s not responsive. I love it. I got it off the bst and it had a Center Trac bearing in it so that made it better I think.

I would say just stick with the Yuuksta. It’s a pretty good undersized yoyo. Change the pads or silicone it. Try cleaning out the bearing.

Get some shims and throw with a thinner string.

Thinner string may make it less responsive. Shims are not really suitable for the Yuuksta and the gap is already plenty wide. It really should be completely unresponsive, probably just need to clean your bearing.

the 888 is unresponsive not responsive

The 2012 editions come with both a responsive bearing and an unresponsive bearing. However, I think this only applies to the 888x, not the 888.

Sorry haven’t seen the new packaging for the 888x

A dv888 would be a good choice. :wink: