YYF Yuuksta vs YYF DV888

I am looking for a smooth, all metal yoyo from Yoyofactory. So, I heard that the Yuuksta and the DV888 are pretty good. I just can’t decide which one to get! Please help me! :smiley:

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Also, no clue why it says voting ends 1969. It is probably just a weird glitch. :slight_smile:

Yuuksta is amazing in my preference better than the dv888 which i hate

I really see no reason to get a Dv888 when you can get a yuuksta. More stable, grinds better due to shape, looks cooler.

I have owned two Yuuksta’s, and My brother had a Dv888 for a while. Let me just say.


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I agree… go dv888 I have both.

yeah, i saw that too!!! lol!! ;D
i love the yuuksta!!!
it is waaaaaaay better than the DV888. imo
so i vote for the yuuksta!!!

I like the yuuksta more. are you set on one of those two though? The lunatic is a great throw :slight_smile:

since all of you said the Yuuksta is good, I probably will get it. One more thing, should I get the small bearing version or the large bearing version? I heard the the large bearing version is better. ;D

It is.

large or small bearing is preference also. you’ll notice that just about 100% of things with yoyoing are all preference. some people like small bearing, some people like large.
personally I like large more.