YYF Lunatic or Dv888 or Tactic(small bearing)

I have a few extra bucks and want to get a cheap yoyo. Im heavily eyeing the dv888 because it is cheap and already has good reviews. I wanted to know what You that about the other two.

I like vibe free and fast yoyos. I also like V shape. size isn’t a big deal. I haven’t tried many other yoyos but I like the superstar, avalanche, campfire, and 54.

Small bearing versions and Large bearing versions.
If you have any other suggestion feel free to add.

I haven’t played with the Tactic or Lunatic, but I have played with the dv888. It’s very good for intermediate, but I saw you like the avalanche, and compared to my CLYWs (Bear vs Man, Gnarwhal), it’s kind of meh.

well maybey a yuuksta, they are way better than the other fundametals imo. and its got a great like cut h shape thing and its smooth and vibe free.

yuuksta does have small and large bearing versions,


I’d choose Raptor over Dv888l It’s claimed to be smoother and in all other play and grinds, Raptor plays as well if not better than the Dv888.

But for the higher budget like the Tactic or Lunatic, I’d rather get a Yuuksta. It’s great over-worldwide and just nice. Has a nice V-Step Down shape like a G5. Nice for thumb grinding cause it also has a ridge.

I reccomend the Yuuksta over those.

yeah if you want a cheap metal buy the raptor

yuuksta ftw

I agree with him. The raptor IS pretty good.