Yuuksta or DV888

Can you tell me about both of them? how they feel, the shape, how they play etc
Just want to know what they are like before spending all that money on it.
I’ve never tried the yuuksta shape (h shape right?) and all my previous yoyos were the rounded butterfly (hitman pro, California, lyn fury etc) so Im not sure how it would feel.
dv888 vs yuuksta, which ones more floaty, speed, sleep time, size and width
would it be worth the extra $20?

okay well since yoyofactory is going under and decided that they’re going to make things in china i honestly don’t know if the new dv888 is better, worse or the same. I have both, but i have the USA made dv888. I personally prefer the yuuksta just beacuse it’s faster, and it has a genesis “h” shape. The dv888 has flat rims so it has a good feeling in the hand, sleep times are about 3 mins normally, they spin really smooth and solidly. The yuuksta is floaty, fast, the spin times are about the same as the dv888. Something i reccomend to do if ur buying the yuuksta is to buy it off of yoyonation. They have splash colors, and the yoyo comes stock with a center trac bearing instead of the spec. The center trac will make it spin for much longer. I hope this helped. The yoyos are both very good but i personally prefer the yuuksta. :slight_smile:

i would have to say i prefer the yuuksta to the dv888

lol. fact check. YYE has USA made versions of BOTH of these yoyos. YoYofactory has INCREASED usa production of yoyos every year since it started.

I prefer the Yuuksta 100% over the dv888. The DV is a really good throw at that pricepoint, but it moves a lot slower. When you play the Yuuksta first, and then go to the DV888 right afterwards, you feel the difference. DV888 feels real sluggish, obvious, just look at the surface area of it compared to the yuuksta’s. DV888 simply has to push more air.

i’ve never had a h shaped, how is it different compared to a rounded or a flat rimmed yoyo?
in terms of feel

yuuksta, all the way, proper brilliant throw

I have a G5, essentially, in my eyes, a squished genesis, and the Stepped H profile is by far my favorite compared to a butterfly. It’s a natural feel when you catch it. The Yuuksta, I imagine, would be the same, and even better due to the more rounded profile than my G5.

My brand new yuuksta that I ordered barely sleeps. I have been using a dv888 and a dm2 and recently put KK bearings in both of them. I also like my protostar with the centertrac bearing. I have put some thin lube into the yuuksta but still no change. Is it the yoyo? bearing? what?

both of them are actually very good. but the yuuksta plays faster!

I just cleaned it with lighter fluid and lightly lubed it with thin lube. There is an improvement, but still could be better. I only left it in the lighter fluid for about 5 mins. It was my first time cleaning a bearing. I still am just not seeing some amazing play from this yuuksta?? Maybe I’ll switch out bearings when I get a chance to see if that is what is causing it.

what is your budget??

normally i would go for dv888 all over wise and though that every post on your forum is saying that yuuksta is better, therfore this reply has no meaning. BUT I HAVE REASONS I CHOOSE DV888:

It is $20 cheaper, not worth the extra $20.
The h-shape on the dv888 is a at the most, most comfortable shape for most people rather than the slanted step down h-shape.
The spin is the same, the performance is same but if you REALLY HAVE TO IGNORE THIS REPLY, well I can’t stop it.

I’d rather have a yuuksta even if its $20 more expensive. THe Dv888 is only good if you have a large bearing one but thats the same price as a yuuksta. Also the yuuksta sleeps longer.

It’s your throw would be my best guess. Or your bearing is messed up, and those are your only 2 options IMO.

I have zero issues with my protostar or my dv888 or my DM2. I’m going to look into it.

thin lube slows down the yoyo so that wont help. It’s probably a locked up bearing. YYF does that. Just clean it in mineral spirits. It is the bearing, or your weak

i lold

my yuuksta is amazing i love the h shape and it really good for arm and palm grind very smooth

dv888 all the way. whats the difference with small and large bearing?

Well one thing I will say is that the Dv888 is a “Funda-Metal” which are low budget aluminum yoyos with high performance and the Yuuksta isn’t a “Funda-Metal”. The Yuuksta is in the “Signature Series” line which is usually made for more performance. But both play amazing! I have a Yuuksta but not a Dv888 and the Yuuksta is quite amazing!