DV 888 or Yuuksta

I have a dark magic 2 right now and like it a lot but am thinking of upgrading. I would consider myself an advanced player. Should I just get the dv 888 or go 20 bucks higher and get the yuuksta

I suggest you the Dv888, really great yoyo for the prize.

Yuuksta is very fast and and pretty stable. they are both pretty unforgiving though. If you were to compare them without looking at price, yuuksta wins. but since there is a 20$ gap, the price does make a difference. I say go for the yuuksta because it is a higher end yoyo and will probably satisfy you for a longer time

… kenny?
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Yuuksta ALL the way. I just can’t explain ATM.

yuuksta has better rim weight, awesome h shape, sb and lb available, and awesome acid wash colors . yuuksta is my pick

Yuuksta it has H shape and it is fast. It is a great throw

I’ve played two different dv888 and while I love them, they seem to both have slippy binds. Anyone else experience this?

Also, my vote would be for yuuksta.

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Hmm, I’ve heard that the binds are really tight. But it does feature a wide gap so it does happen to some people.