Good responsive yoyos

Recently I bought an MX888, which as some of you know is unresponsive, so I was just wondering, as a person getting into yoyos again, (for the third time actually), is there a good, moderately priced responsive yoyo out there?

What is an MX888? Is it some type of YYF 888?

Also, could you tell us your skill level?

If you are a beginner, the YYF Velocity would be good because it can go from responsive to unresponsive, but you already have an unresponsive yoyo, so you don’t need that. The YYJ Classic is also a good choice, and you can upgrade it to be unresponsive if you want.

If you are more intermediate, than a YYJ Dark Magic would be a good choice because it is responsive, but it you upgrade to unresponsive, it can do all of the tricks on this site (It’s the one Andre uses). You could also take your MX888 and put a drop of lube in the bearing to make it responsive, and if you don’t like it, you can just clean the bearing.

Can you bind? If you can then there isn’t any reason to get a responsive yoyo, and you should just stick with you’re MX888 (whatever that is)

If you get the Classic(which is what I would recommend, with the Velocity being second)I suggest getting some silicone stickers to put in place of the o-ring system. It will still play pretty darn responsive if you keep the stock bearing in and put thick lube in when it’s got less response than you like, but will have a much nicer feel than the o-rings(nasty! Hate 'em).

Also, on a whim I decided to throw the Classic bearing in a Protostar one day and found that to play awesome. It’ll likely ruin the gap for the wide bearing, but it’s probably worth mentioning.

This guy is super wrong, to be blunt. Responsive play is a big part of developing essential skills. You’re doing the right thing. Go ahead and keep throwing your MX888(whatever that may be), but whatever trick you learn on it, don’t learn another until you can do it on your responsive yoyo.

I second the classic. I love mine. I have 2. I have bought a dozen and handed them out. They are amazing, especially for the price, and a TON of fun!

I was thinking of a dark magic, which after I saw Andre use, I thought was amazing. Oh yeah, should I get the 1 or 2

P.S. I can bind

Sorry about mx888, my friend calls it that, it’s actually a dv888

Thanks for the help!

People have pretty much covered recommending responsive yoyos. That said, you can make most any yoyo responsive by lubing the bearing. That’s where 90% of response (or lack of) lies.

My favourite responsive bearing yoyo right now is the diminutive Duncan Mosquito. I darez ya to find something more fun yet well-performing for $8.50!

Friction stickers don’t exactly float my boat, but it’s an OK tradeoff. :smiley: