Best responsive yoyo?

Lookin to get back into yoyoing. Got a yyf shutter as a gift for xmas but its a pain to get it to come back up since its an unresponsive model. Looking for what the best responsive yoyo is. Lookin for somethin that sleeps a long time and will come up with a slight tug like the yoyos i remember as a kid. Something i can throw forward and have it come right back.


If you lube the bearing on the shutter it will be more responsive.

Just add some lube too the bearing of your shutter, you can also double loop the bearing, with the string.

I felt the same way about unresponsive yoyos at first. But once you start learning tricks unresponsive is awesome! The shutter is a great yoyo. I would say just buy a Yoyofactory replay(responsive model). And have fun with it and then practice binding on the replay. When your comfortable with that the shutter will really help for learning more advanced string tricks. But I will agree sometimes you can’t beat the fun of just goofing around with a responsive yoyo. Hope this helps. Have fun!

What about this?

YYF dv888 any good? Its responsive right?

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Yes and it can be upgraded to unresponsive


It has a thin bearing, so yeah but you may need to lube that bearing as well.

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I believe the replay has a responsive option, as does the first base and Sherpa

“YoyoeXpert Dark Magic 2” :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! ;D

A good throw on a wooden, fixed axel yoyo.

So dv888 or dark magic 2? Or something else?

I would just add excessive lubricant to a yoyo you already have, then get another bearing for unresponsive

"yoyojam(insert any bi material design) if you want something unique, because they come responsive.

The yoyofactory (pm me) is the best responsive yoyo I have ever tried.

Replay is good, cause it can be your beater once you upgrade it.
Hope I helped

You can get a B-grade Speed Dial or a Velocity here for $10 and $15 respectively. Both are super fun IMO, and great for responsive play.

Just get thick lube for $5 instead of $20+ for another yoyo

How many yoyos do you have?