Advice for a newbie!

I recently just started back yoyoing, when I stopped back in the day, the Butterfly was the King lol. I recently bought a Magic T8 unresponsive yoyo just to see if I actually wanted to do it. I’ve had it for 2 days, learned to bind, and a couple intermediate tricks. Problem is, I honestly don’t like the totally unresponsiveness that’s seems to be the go to these days. Not because of difficulty, I just for whatever reason prefer a somewhat responsive yoyo. So my question is, I’ve been watching the tutorial videos on here and if I’m not mistaking, he uses a responsive dark magic (I may be wrong) and pulls off basically anything he wants. So why is a complete unresponsive necessary? And what would you recommend for great sleep time but still somewhat responsive? (Dark Magic 2 is my pick at the moment) And last, I plan to buy a new yoyo within the next few days but in the meantime can I make my T8 somewhat responsive? Thanks for any help guys, I’m just an outdated yoyoer trying to get a grasp on all the new stuff.

You don’t HAVE to go unresponsive, but unless you’re in 2A or you’re Ed Haponik, for advanced tricks unresponsiveness helps alot, mainly because the gap size associated with it. Some people like semi-responsive throws, and you can accomplish that by drowning a bearing in lube.

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If you like responsive, go for it. A lot of tricks work for it. It’s all preference.


You will also find that with time, and some experimentation, and cracking your knuckles occasionally, you can do most any trick.

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You don’t have to be ed to enjoy fixed axle.

Yeah, I get that. I used to kind of like responsive yoyos more. If you want to buy a semi-responsive yoyo, I would suggest a cheap yoyo like the classic. It can carry you far. I, after 3.5 years, have just stopped using it :slight_smile:

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Thick lube or a small amount of Vaseline will make it responsive. If you go too far you can clean it out.

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Fixed axle is different. I think OP was talking about regular 1A.

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some amazing players plays with responsive…this might conduce you into a very original style (look at pekka )

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Maybe not, but it seems to help.

Thanks. That’s what I meant, now deciding what yoyo to get is the problem.

Can’t go wrong with the YYJ Classic. I still use it today. Best $10 you can spend IMHO.

Thanks, being you’re like the 5th person who has said that, I’m gonna purchase one. I honestly had planned to purchase a more expensive yoyo this time, A Dark Magic 2 was first to come to mind and the DV888 was second.


I think I’ll just stick to my $40 budget and pick up a couple different plastics. I could afford to buy both but I’m trying to stick with my budget so I don’t get outta hand lol. So I need some help with that now lol.

The Classic is one I’m definitely going to purchase.

Then I was thinking an Adegle Asteroid and/or PSG

And Possibly a Pocket Change.

Any other recommendations? Thanks for all the help

There is no need for multiple yoyo, insted buy a yyj speed set or whatever they call it , it comes with a large bearing and silicone pad that will make the yoyo unresponsive for when you will be ready

Just put some thick lube in your T8 bearing if you want it responsive

I would be the one to recommend getting a few different yoyos instead of one “best” yoyo and set for life. There are things that can be learned from different yoyos and being able to understand how they behave, the next thing you know you don’t even need to try the yoyo before buying one, simply look at the specs and pics and bam you can predict how it plays, not that it’s the point though.
Practically any bearing yoyos will become responsive if lubed, so any yoyo should be fine. However even a small amount of lube kills spin time quite noticeably, so you may want to stick with yoyos with heavier rims (because more rim weight generally equals longer spin time).