Hubstack Genesis review

The hubstacked Genesis is a nice solid yoyo it is a grind machine remake in size so overall it is a good throw.

go into more detail. you are not going to make somebody go out and get this yoyo with one sentence. you need atleast a few paragraphs.

This by definition is not a review. It’s a youtube comment.


yeah. check out some of other peoples reviews. mi has a nice review, i have a couple. try to make them long with at least around 3 or 4 long paragraphs.

Please let me know how genesis compares to 888x (or any other yoyo), in terms of spin time, stability, vibe, overall playability, which you like more, etc.
Which yoyos do you like more/less than genesis?
Do you have any problems with the hubstacks or do they work flawlessly?

The genesis is much larger than the 888x it is very stable and spins for me about 7 mins it has no vide and is great for 1a and 5a

Finally the hubstacks work great and are very smooth

From what I heared from everyone else on earth is if you bought a hubstacked genesis you wish daily you bought it unstacked, and I can understand why.

Please make a review that short. It does need to be like a couple paragraphs, and like Mi said, it’s considered a Youtube comment.

I had both and i definitely liked the stackless one more but if you take the stacks off it plays the same as the unstacked one.

:oya i guess but its more bad ass

are you serious? this is a spam post. one sentence doesnt describe anything. good just means you like it. go in depth on everything. specs, pics, how it plays, etc.

edit: i dont mean to sound rude, just stern. also i notice this is your 3rd POST. before making serious posts like reviews, b/s/t’s etc, learn to post a good post. again. dont mean to sound rude. just stern.