Best hubstack yoyo????

For spin times and such. Thanks!

The Genesis+ or Hubstacked Genesis (same thing) are monsters of spin times. So stable its absurd.

Definitely worth trying one out!


I have 4 genesis’ and 2 are hubstacked. It seems to be one of the only yoyos, along with the G5 that don’t lose stability or spin times significantly with hubstacks on. This is extremely exaggerated with z-stacks on. If you’re getting a yoyo JUST for the hubstack fun, I would say buy some z stacks along with it. I find regular hubstacks almost impossible to catch on. IF you ARE interested in Z-stacks, i recommend the G5 over the Genesis. that’s just me.

Get a MagicYoyo k9. It is possibly the biggest improvement in hubstack technology to date. They will be available within a week at a major American online yoyo store.

I have a D8 which is the k9’s unreleased version. I won it at a contest. The hubstacks are flush with the body of the yoyo. They are large and easy to catch as well. During normal play they are silent. They’re as functional as Z-stacks without the noise or stability issues. You can land fingerspins from a hop on these too. The yoyo itself is stable and long spinning.

I’m kinda disappointed that YYF didn’t come up with Integrated hubstack technology. Seems as though they’ve made zero attempts to enhance them. People acted like hubstacks were just a novelty, and YYF did nothing to prove them wrong. The k9 proves hubstacks can be fun and practical. It offers a comprehensive upgrade on hubstack technology that YYF never gave us. Maybe this will inspire them.

The MagicYoyo K9 is the best hubstack yoyo you can buy. (IMO)

• hubstacks are quiet during normal play
• large and easy to catch
• do not have the noise and stability problems associated with Z-Stacks
• The yoyo is probably the best playing MagicYoyo (better than N12)
• Offers a lower price than most hubstack yoyos. A Genesis+ is $100+. The K9 is less than $35.
• MagicYoyo has an open agreement with YYF about distributing yoyos with hubstacks. So you’re not supporting a bootlegger.

Whoa. Nice!

Madhouse Epic.

KuyosGod, because inverse stacks are still stacks