genesis and genesis plus

is there a difference (other then the stacks)


It appears the one with hubstacks is heavier, but thats it.

And price. I have a Genesus Plus, its my main throw. If you dont have another yoyo with hubstacks, i’d go for plus, its worth the money.

The genesis + is fun if u like hubstaack and a bit heavier but i think genesis is more stable or smooth

i already have a plus i was just wonderin

i was wonderin my new breed seems to tilt some cuz of if huge gap and full size

will the genesis tilt at all or is it completely stable…

No yoyo is completely stable. Every yoyo will tilt due to throw and/or control. The Genesis is stable, but the most likely factor of tilt is you. I’ve played a New Breed on many occasions, and it is very stable as well.

Out of all my yoyo’s, I believe my Genesis is the most stable, but, like Samad said.