Dooms day genesis??

Haven’t really seen or read a review on the dooms day genesis. Any one have anything nice or bad thing to day about this throw? Would anyone recommend any other throw for the same price. I currently have no preference. I never thrown the original genesis either. Just checking out one drop and clyw but any others would be considered.

It plays more or less the same as the regular Genesis. Maybe a tiny bit quicker through the air. At the price, I prefer the Werrd Irony JP or the One Drop CODE 2.


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I think it’s way better than the 2012 Genesis. The 7075 makes a difference. I fell for the engraving, though, and got it as a collection piece, not because I particularly like the Genesis. For that much money, I’d recommend a Code 2 and a different set of side-effects.

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Yeah I was thinking the same, the graphics look so nice. Any body know where’s the dooms genesis made? USA? China?

I believe all YYF 7075s are born in the USA!

The Doomsday Genesis is a great yoyo. I generally avoid buying two of any yoyo. Right now I have two Sleipnir’s and two 7075 Genesis’ (one for work); I like it that much. I have just about every YYR; TP; etc. This yoyo can play with the best. The other thing that is great is the versatility for both 1A and 5A.

If you like the Genesis - and who does not? - this is a Genesis on steroids. It is quicker in the air and has longer spin-times than the original. The weight is slightly less than the original which keeps it from feeling clunky and helps it retain that “Genesis” feel. It still has that wonderful forgiveness that I have always loved about the Genesis. No matter how sloppy I play, the Genesis always seems to make it right.

As I understand, these 7075 versions are made right here in the USA :slight_smile:

One indicator that I like to watch is how long a certain yoyo model will stay in-stock at foreign websites that sell USA brands. This one flies off their virtual shelves.

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Wow 2?!
Thanks for your feedback. Yeah everything about the genesis looks perfect I may jut buy and try. Not much to lose. I’ve never played the original genesis.