New from YoYoFactory - The TITANIUM GENESIS!

Originally released in 2010 the Genesis was the signature yoyo for 5A champion Miguel Correa and it was one of the yoyos that dominated the competition market for high end metal. The shape is extremely powerful and stable for really maximizing long string tricks and keeping that spin even through multiple layers. Ten years since its original debut it is time to celebrate the Genesis in a brand new form - TITANIUM!

Everything we loved about the classic Genesis shape and dimensions are here but of course re-designed to take advantage of the quality of titanium. Thin walls to even better maximize stability. The result is a yoyo that spins stable and true for an incredibly long period of time even at low RPM.

Titanium doesn’t always improve on an existing design but it is safe to say that titanium Genesis can really take advantage of what titanium has to offer.

Genesis Ti comes complete with a few YoYoFactory counterweights and a 10 pack of knot bad string.

AND the Genesis Ti Doomsday Edition is exclusive to YoYoExpert! This classic engraving design was from back in 2012 and was a fun throwback to the end of the Mayan calendar. We felt it was a perfect fit for this release!

Releasing Saturday 8/8 @ 8PM EDT.


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I just downsized my collection down to 10% of what it was to fund another hobby… than this happens. Someone needs to give me atleast 27 good reasons to not buy one otherwise see ya 300$


Unfortunately, i cannot

I was playing my OG Genesis earlier today and while i still enjoy it I just can’t do yoyos that narrow anymore. It definitely feels like a design of its time. But you like RSO stuff so that probably doesn’t bother you


Hmmm. I love the Doomsday Genesis specifically. It would be the only aluminum yoyo in my “pick-one-of-each-shape” desert island yoyo bag. The other three would be Ti. Now this? Im torn. . . Two things i dont like. I dont like the axle hole being open, visually its distracting and feel like a potential weak spot (maybe?) Also, (and I know i can work around this to a point) Im not super huge on raw ti. The Doomsday is visually striking in its blue and green acid job. Raw Ti is just so bland, comparatively (i hope my other Ti’s dont hear me talking this way).

Im gonna reeeeealy have to think about this one hard for the next 22 hours. I know I shouldn’t but I kinda want to, but am hesitant and conflicted. I mean i already have a ideal “H” (imho) in my desert island bag. It would make sense to have a stronger version, but would it be worth me thinking the Ti looks less delightful that the 7078 Doomsday? Man im torn…


No hubstacks? Bummer.

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Man, I always loved the look of the Doomsday Genesis, wish I had an original one.

Got to agree with @Dust about the axle hole, kinda spoils the look.

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It took my 2 years to hunt an og doomsday. I don’t think I could ever get rid of it. It’s practically perfect and to this day my favorite aluminum yoyo.


OG Genesis has the axle hole though.


True, but I don’t thing the original Doomsday Genesis did.

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OG Doomsday does not have axle hole.


Good news for you>

Because this Ti/Gen has a through hole.

A good modder could set up a longer axle and adapt it to accept hub stacks.


PS… I do not have a Ti Genesis. So the axle hole you see may not be a ‘through hole’.

If the thread was tapped from the inside. It may not have passed completely through the half. In which case, the appropriate tap would have to be used from the inside and tapped through in order to facilitate use of a longer axle.

And that Ti tapping would best be performed by someone wearing a cape and allergic to Kryptonite.

And mostly not worth the effort.

.Best advice> Forget everything I posted up in this response…:roll_eyes:


I would like to try one to compare to the OG doomsday, but Im gonna have to pass on this drop, at this moment in time, at least.

I’m also really curious how it plays compared to the regular alu Genesis. I have a couple 2016 b-grades and I love the shape/design of it. I can’t help but wonder if/how the Ti version improves on its performance.

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My thoughts exactly! I also own two 2015 Genesis B-grades and love them! One has been my EDC yoyo for over a year!I am really curious about this. Someone on the Yoyofactory Facebook group told me that it was fun but felt heavier despite being a similar weight (~65 g) and said it was likely due to the more extreme distribution.

Although I also wonder that since I already think the 2015 Genesis is so great, maybe not mess with a good thing? Maybe I wouldn’t like a more extreme weight placement? Still… I’ve been pretty obsessed thinking about this one. But I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it… So I would love some feedback from others who did get one. :upside_down_face:

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They didn’t mess with a good thing.

The non Ti Genesis is still just as amazing as ever.

YYF just decided to make a Ti option available.

Just think of it as another flavor of Ice Cream.

Although Titanium is a bit harder on teeth than aluminum🙄


Looks like about half of the Doomsday Tis have sold already. Not bad for such an expensive throw.

I have a couple of questions about what’s said/shown in the ad copy for it on the webstore page:

Originally released in 2010 the Genesis … was one of the yoyos that dominated the competition market for high end metal.

To what extent did the Genesis “dominate” the market, and for how long?

Genesis Ti comes complete with a few YoYoFactory counterweights and a 10 pack of knot bad string.

It is pictured with a 2-throw hardshell case; does it come with that as well?

I don’t have specifics like @yyfben2 or others might have with regards to who used it or when it was used in specific contest, but I remember back then it was kind of a design people talked about as a performance benchmark.

Yes. All the Ti Genesis come in the case with 4 counterweights, and a knot bad 10 pack.

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