The YoYoFactory USA Edition is Here! MMMUURICAAAAAA!!!

The New YoYoFactory USA Edition just arrived and they all look amazing! They made special USA inspired color ways of the Space Cowboy, Cyborg, Shutter, Protostar, Hubstack, Onestar, and Legend!


I came here for the yoyos, but I stayed for the thread title. chuckles ;D


The shutter looks cool. Will there ever be a hubstack shutter?

Are these models Made in the USA as well?

And I get accused of stiring the pot.

Only the Cyborg is from what I know.

No pot stirring, just a question. I am out of the drama business.

But to be honest it would be kind of disingenuous to have a USA collection of yo-yos made outside of America. I was wondering if for this batch they were making them all in the US, maybe to test the waters as far as quality and pricing were concerned.

One can dream.


The thing is that there is nothing wrong with making things over seas in the grand scheme of things. It’s just not as good in a market with actual American made alternatives that compete price wise. Niche markets tend to be different like that. Plus this almost feels sneaky in a way. Their tag line is “Founded, Designed, and Played in the USA” conveniently leaving off the “Made in the USA” part of things. In such a small hobby, relatively speaking, you can support the innovators who do everything in country and in turn support local businesses.

^ proof that you were stirring the pot.

You’re right. You caught me… I couldn’t possibly have thought more about something after asking the initial question. I am a rabble rouser and must be shot on sight. :wink:




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It’s not like you have anything against Ben. ::slight_smile:

Actually… I don’t, not anymore. As I said, out of the drama business as best I can be. I was just curious to see if these were made in America. I have seen other companies try different machine shops and such in other countries in order to change their cost or quality issues, two examples being CLYW testing the waters with a Chinese machine shop for the original Peak and Hspin switching to India for their later models. That curiosity was my original intent but after thinking about it, it did get to me IF these models are mostly made overseas. Nothing wrong with having a little patriotism now and then.

The ‘goal’ of the collection itself was to focus on Team YoYoFactory USA. On the packaging it commemorates the fact that they have walked away from the National Yo-Yo Contest with a US National Champion on their team every single year since 2004. Celebrating ten years total including this year with Tyler Severance winning 5A.

Call me unpatriotic, but those colorways look gross.

That’s quite an achievement, and good reason to celebrate. I want that Shutter next! I thought I bought my last Shutter. :-[