yoyo's made in USA

I’m wondering about what yoyo’s are made here in the good ol USA. I’m not knocking other yoyo’s made elsewhere, I just want to buy my high end yoyo from an american company when time comes around.

I think it’s great to support American businesses. The only ones I can think of right now are General-Yo (I think in California), One Drop (in Oregon), and YoYoJam (in Georgia). I’ve enjoyed my One Drops, and I’m anxious to try some General-Yos, supposedly they make really nice throws. I did like my Axiom from YoYoJam, but not as much as a lot of my other brand yoyos… I’ve heard their newer models (Hitman Pro, SR-71, etc.) are a step up from what they used to do, though.

Also foxland precision yoyos in . There in Tennessee

Check out String Theory Yoyos, they are out of Texas I believe and are excellent throws! Wanting a yoyo from the USA has nothing to do with RACISM. I can’t believe I read that.

Isn’t YoyoFactory in the U.S.?

racist… really … racist -.-… your advice …(sigh)

Yoyo Factory is out of Scottsdale Arizona, but they manufacture in China…

Every time I think you might be starting to get your head on straight, you say something totally idiotic like this. Country of origin has nothing to do with race. Just because someone wants to support their country, it doesn’t mean they’re racist. For the love of god, please actually think before you open your mouth. Don’t throw around inflammatory and accusatory words like racist, especially when you have no idea what the heck you’re talking about.

back to the subject i have no problem with yoyos made in china just because yoyofactory is now making yoyos in china doesnt mean they suck… now getting from like a brand like auldey who nows those arent well known brands but theres no problem with foreign made yoyos so dont be turned away by a very good company by that.

Thank you, I was beginning to believe I was the only one who thought he was excessively annoying.

Forgot me

I have no problems with yoyo’s made in other countries. I own an hspin icon and some hub stacked chinese one. I’m going to be getting a YYF model soon, but when time comes for me to spend some $$, i would like to look hard at some of the US made ones. I might as well try and support someone trying to make a living here, then over there. Not drinking no hateraide here. Just looking for help and maybe a bit of advice. ;D ;D

me too

Check your facts, brah. Majority of YYF throws are machined in US.

DG’s right. the only YYF throws that are made in china are very clearly labeled (and quite largely) “MADE IN CHINA”
Which I think as of now is it DV888, 888x and the JK as far as metals go. But there could be more :stuck_out_tongue: I know some (most? maybe all?) of their plastics are but idk which ones :confused:

my yuukstas from china

then feel free to make the list for us. all mine say CHINA brah


Yuuksta (someone said it was made in china, but I can’t find a single one that says so. I’m gonna need pics or BS)
2010 California
Mighty Flea
Big Deal
Severe & Supernova & Lite
Buddha King

So that makes 24/30 of their metals. Doesn’t really seem like a majority here.

Speed Dial

However that’s only for metals. I haven’t the slightest idea about those, but I know most of their main ones are. I think maybe the FAST 201, Spinstar, Pocket Change, and the Velocity are made here in America, but that’s just based off the pictures here and me not seeing the made in china label.

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Wow someone actually made a list. Thanks dude. I hope that it will be so for a good while. Who knows further down the pike.