Yyf from china?


Has yoyo factory always made their yoyos in china? I know they have a lot that weren’t but did they start out making all of them in the U.S. for a while then move it more to china later or has it always been a combination?


I fail to see what the answer to that question would or could do to solve anything but curiosity.

Nothing wrong with asking questions…

Just seems no answer would be the solution to the keys of life in Business🤓


YYF originally made yoyos in USA but started making them in China a few years ago. I believe they were one of the first American companies to start making yoyos in China. As you can probably tell, many other companies have started doing it as well since then.


Thanks! Do you happen to know the specific year off the top of your head? :slight_smile: if not no big deal.




Ask Deth or Tyler. They would know.

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YYF was not the first U.S. company to have made yoyos in China there were a few companies who were doing it. YYF did start machining certain models in China a little before the shutter. Right now they only machine certain models in China to bring down the production cost as in the case with the shutter if im correct. With that said no yoyos are assembled in China they go to YYF then they are quality tested and assembled.


Yoyofactory have made yoyos in the USA and China since 2006.

We still make yoyos in the USA and China.


What and when was the last YYF yoyo that was made entirely in the U.S. ?



Yoyoexpert has the great view in their shop called “Made in the USA” so you can see exactly what is.


Thanks for the info there da5id !!! After searching through all those “made in USA” pages
I was only able to find 1 YYF yoyo made in USA…VK Slusny


I also see the Turntable up there.


Turntable was restocked in the last 3 months.

We have a new design being tested now that is likely for USA production too


I just thru my Rhythm tonight,Great Throw!


Just curious? Why would you quote YoyoFactory Bens’ words and then state you were throwing a 44rpm Rhythm?

I don’t see any relevance to that?

Sorry if I totally missed something🤓


They are both music themed?


I’m glad I wasn’t the only one confused by the yyfben2 quote and mention of 44rpm’s yoyo


I fail to see how this response helps to further the conversation.

To OP - are you just gathering info about what is made were or is there something specific you are looking for with this info?


Well I would really like to up my “made in the USA” portion of my collection and I really like yyf, so I wanted to know if their was a general rule of thumb for knowing which of their yoyos were made in the USA.


That makes sense. I like YYF a lot too. I believe a lot of the stuff that is made in China is labeled(at least on the box) as such. I know it’s on my Too Hot, but I don’t have any others with me I can check at the moment.