Where is the Turntable 2.0 Made? & USA YYFs

The Turntable 2.0 shows up in the “Made in USA” filter (tags) on the YYE site, but it says “made in China” in the specs. Which is correct? Actually it’s the same for the Edge Beyond.

The OG TT was made in the US, right?

What yoyos if any, does YYF produce in the US currently?

The Heist shows up as USA made in both the tag, and the specs.

@YOHANS @yyfben2


Mighty Flea




(Original TurnTable)

Lube (thin and looping)

Dark Matter



Thanks, and it’s nice to know you were made in the USA! :grinning:


lol :sweat_smile:


Not @yyfben2, though…


Nah, he was made in 'STRAYA!!! :kangaroo:


Looks like those two were just tagged wrong, fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!


I see this question pop up once in a while and I was wondering why people ask this? Is there a quality difference due to where a yoyo is manufactured?

I think at one time there was a difference in quality, but, now, it seems the Chinese factories are really quite good. Some people like to purchase Made in America to support manufacturing in their home country, some because of concerns they have over working conditions for factory workers in other countries, some for reasons I’ve never heard or considered.

I have yoyos made in USA, China, Japan. They are all fun.

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The man himself

I’m sure there is, but probably more what factory/shop than what country.

I was just curious, mostly.

Like French, I have yoyos made from all over.

For whatever reason, lately I have started to like the idea of yoyos made in the country they were designed in.

That “idea” hasn’t really kept me from just buying the yoyos that interest me, though.


Great question.
I think more debatable than quality, is the gross difference in “Carbon Emissions” emitted when it comes to extra packaging, shipping, and labor costs associated with overseas manufacturing.

Please Note: “Let it be known, Im making a gross assumption that the original 888 DNA was spawned and manufactured in Arizona, so I thought. And also, after manufacturing several other model YYF yoyos, they are shipped back to Chandler Arizona for final inspection, engraving, and re-distribution.” Also, Yohans never did included the Ti888 in the aforementioned list of being made in the USA.

Having said that, it would be interesting to see a global geo-map of each Forever888’s final distribution path. After leaving the engraving and distribution center located in Chandler AZ, as opposed to drop shipping them straight from the Chinese factory. Maybe Hans and Ben can periodically take turns living and working in their Chinese engrave and distribution center strategically located right next to the “Real” yoyo factory. That would be more evironmentally sustainable, more socially responsible as corporate citizens.

Anyway, some “Heirloom” yoyo this Forever888 turned out to be a pure travesty.
Made in China will be its Forever American Legacy!
Had I bought one, I’d feel as though I got PUNKed! Like WTF is this!!!

Question, what is Polished Finished Gold…Fools Gold?
Or is it genuinely gold plated, (I doubt it) if so what karat?
1 ding and its astetically wrecked for me! Not at all tough…another travesty to Titanium’s Legacy.

Hopefully YoHans forgot to put the Ti888 on the list…that would be less Sucky.
Embrace the suck!