New yoyofactory series

Are the prices in the non-USA made ones cheaper because it costs less to make them in China? Like the new made in China Supernova is $84.99, while if you want the one made in the U.S it’s $15 more. What’s the deal? ???

well… You could say that I guess. It shouldn’t be a problem though. I haven’t noticed the change in quality since they moved to China though, so it probably is only because the manufacturing cost is lower in China

This issue comes up from time to time. It’s my understanding that manufacturing is cheaper in china and I’ve seen posts where people have stated the quality control is actually better in china on top of that.

Personally I like to support USA manufacturing and I’m willing to pay more for it. Maybe it’s the principle of it, maybe it’s some crazy thing in my head, but I don’t like using foreign made throws. I vote with my $$$ and this is pushing me away from YYF. I’m sure it’s a smart business decision, but ‘boo’ says I.

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From what I understand, there were also some subtle changes made to make them play better. Throw in some free extra responses and a cool multitool for cheaper than before, and you’ve got a sweet new series to kick off 2012 :smiley:

I’m sure Yoyofactoryben will be on this thread soon to set everyone straight.

I disagree with the statement that the quality control in China is better. I’ve heard too many horror stories and know of too much first hand issues of problems within a lot of Chinese industry, especially when it comes to work sourced from the US.

I know i am speaking way out of turn here, but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if any design outsourced out to China for manufacture doesn’t end up in the hands of either a grey market selling over-runs at lower prices through unauthorized channels, or producing items in a manner that they are made available for sale under different brands. Unfortunately, the people doing the actual work on the factory floors re largely not aware of this and are doing their jobs, it’s upper management and owners making the dirty decisions.

I’m all for supporting United States made products. I do break this rule a lot, having just bought a Starbrite at CalStates for cheap, but hey, it was there… I sometimes get weak.

It kinda sucks to think that between the costs of manufacturing and shipping, it is STILL less expensive to do stuff in China or other places. But, if the American economy is to turn around, I think companies here need to try to focus more on domestic manufacturing. I think YYF is one of those companies doing that. I am left with a strong impression that most of their metals are in fact made here. The issues with plastic may be too expensive for them to purchase or lease or finance the equipment and materials to make the items. With the machines they use to make metal yoyos, it’s a matter of programming, setting the material and walking away for the most part. One machine can make nearly any metal yoyo. With plastic, granted, one machine can make many yoyos, but the machinery is expensive and the molds are expensive, and without multiple machines, you run into intentional limitations for production.

I’ve also notice YYJ prices have jumped for the most part. Why is that? Either way, I know that all the companies that make yoyos are trying to keep it as affordable as they can.

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I actually hope I’m wrong on that. It was from another ‘yoyos made in china’ thread from a long time ago, probably on one of the forums that doesn’t exist anymore. It just kind of stuck with me since I like to support usa manufacturing. I vaguely remember someone reliable saying something good about china manufacturing vs usa manufacturing. Maybe that their factories where capable of higher precision or something? If that’s not true, nobody will be happier than me.

I saw a post about this somewhere recently. YYJ prices have gone up and it’s a result of increasing price of materials. The post said something like material costs had been rising for a while and YYJ was eating the cost, but it hit the point that they had to raise prices.

Many of my Yo-Yo’s have Chinese manufacturing, and I can tell you that they have never had any issues. I know many of the chinese factories have bad quality control, but with Yo-Yo’s, since the tolerance is so high, if there are ANY fault’s, they would be immediately marked as B/C-Grades, and sold for almost half price or less. In Yo-Yo Manufacturing, you would NOTICE if the quality was bad.

YoYoFactory continue to produce more and more yoyos in the USA annually. So please stay true to your sentiment and support those YYF models.

Super G, Catalyst, Avant Garde, popstar, yuuksta, DNA, mutant DNA, nova, Gfunk, MVP, Monster all made in USA.

It’s your choice on what you buy and we are proud to give players options.

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I do support that sentiment and hope you guys continue to push usa manufacturing. Owner of a super g, yuuksta, skyline, superstar usa, and mvp. Unfortunately, 2 models I was eyeing up for purchase this year sailed away to the land of the rising sun…I hope they come back some day.

as far as quality control in china i’d say you can’t apply that to YYF’s stuff, they have excellent quality control and their Chinese models are equal in every way to their us counterparts. where you run into quality control issues is with brands that are actually based in china. they tend to counterfeit designs from US and Japanese based brands, and their quality control is very hit or miss; you could get a great, smooth yo-yo, or you could get tooling marks, dings and wobble that makes dub-step seem like music your parents would enjoy.

You do know that the Land of the Rising Sun is Japan and not China, right?

And as for quality control, I’ve had no problems with Chinese made YYF products whatsoever. Sure, you have your choices but can’t be too picky.

I’m saving up for either a Supernova or a Genesis. And I know those throws will not disappoint me no matter where they’re made at.

LOL, nope. At best, I could probably point to their general area on a map. No chance I could specifically locate each one or tell them apart. Then again, I can’t find a local convenience store without a GPS.

Haha, it’s all good :]. Didn’t mean to sound like a jerk. xD

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I think its great what yyf is doing I love that they are offering their 3 best models (IMO) at such low prices with all the extra stuff we should really be thanking them for this