American based yoyo companies

Hey guys, I got this idea from another post but basically and i am sure it has been done before but … basically i am trying to figure out which companies are based out of … HERE aka home land aka usa aka the 50 states aka America!!! …

the post i read mentioned something good … which i didn’t think of …or haven’t crossed my mind.

Post was about supporting american based yoyo companies (post was from Big Yoyo)

I actually agree and since i have been playing with mostly japanese throws lately … i think i might be switching over … but i really want to know … which companies actually make their yo-yos here!!!

all home grown!! Big yoyo said OD and rec rev… couple of the others i can think of is G2 … square wheels … umm yea why don’t you guys fill in?

I think its a good idea to support local guys etc, … just a thought … not saying you have to do it … you are free to spend you money how you want. I am pretty sure we spend our money each and every day on a lot of stuff from all over the world … i am not trying to make this post political or about boycotting foreign made yo-yos … i my self own many but this is just information.


Chico makes all their throws but one in Chico, California.

American based yoyo companies that I know of as of 2012:

Vs Newton
Rec Rev
Toxic Strings
Chico Yoyo Comapny
Ten Yoyo
Eternal Throw
Spin Dynamics
Foxland Precision
String Theory
Square Wheels

Buzzon (Was dead but apparently re-started)
Double Take Industries (Now Montgomery Yoyo Company)
Super-yo (Made the Renegade)
Playmaxx- (Now long-time dead)

I think we need to be more specific. Many companies are based in the United States. The bigger issue is “who makes their products here” and to a greater extend, “what portion/percentage of their product is made in the United States”.

It’s pretty clear One Drop is USA from start to finish.

YoYoJam says all their stuff is made in the USA.

Duncan’s products are pretty much all made in China, yet the parent company I am fairly sure is USA based. I’m not going to play the “made in the USA” angle, but they make a version of the SuperStar that I am willing to pay the extra for because it’s made in the USA.

YYF is US based, but makes product in the USA and China.

CLYW is a Canadian company and some if not most of their current product I believe is machined by One Drop. If anything, I know I am safe saying “some”.

One drop
Ten yo yo

Those are companies I’m sure of. I wouldn’t count companies that outsource some throws.

i agree with you studio … i think its good to know where they are making the yo-yos cus … it does make a difference if you think about it … the yoyo company is still paying someone to make their product and if its somewhere foreign then maybe half of it is going there or however they spend to have it made somewhere else … obviously its cheaper which is the main reason… i am guessing

^^^ yup

How could you guys forget about General Yo? String Theory is based in El Paso, Texas, I believe.

Square wheels

eternal throw

Spin Dynamics!

G Squared 100% made in the U.S

Everyone forgets Foxland Precision…they make good throws…and manufacture for some other companies.

I think Duncan does make some yoyos here in the US. After all, flambeau is famous for its plastic products.

Crucial dont forget crucial they are a great company

All my Duncan plastics have on the inside: made in China. Imperials, Butteryfly, Freakhand, Freehand2’s, Freehand Zeros, Metal Drifter, Metropolis, Momentum, ProZ’s… Metals and plastics are made in China so far, based on my observations.

I have plastic cases from Flameau, and those too are made in China.

Note I’m not knocking anyone, I’m just reporting what I’m seeing based on the information in front of my face.

The thing is, that we see things like “it’s cheaper to make it in China”, because we get the work for 25% of what we’d pay here. Even with expensive ocean cargo freight, it’s still cheaper to outsource. The Chinese find additional ways to cut costs, often by finding ways to substitute lesser cost materials. This isn’t always true, some companies lay down the “law” and make sure the materials used are within specs by the original manufacturer, often by having a foreign representative there to inspect the raw materials.

At the same time, we’re paying 25%, we’re only getting 25%(or so), so we’re not really getting the cost savings. In a few years, the swing will be back towards moving many of the jobs back to the United States and possibly also either moving machinery or making new molds and fitting existing machinery to do the same job.

We also have to accept that a good yoyo is a good yoyo regardless of where it is made, be it in China or elsewhere.

We see that “American Companies” that want to be 100% “American” from start to finish have to charge a premium most of the time. Are we willing to pay this? The answer isn’t a resounding “yes”. If it’s a quality product, plays great and people have given it good reviews, then yes, we yoyo players will buy them.

I’ve been hearing about Square Wheels for almost a year. I got on the IRC and one guy was typing it up over them, so the hype machine got flowing for a long time. Having received one, I can say it’s well worth it. And 100% made in the USA!

Similarly, when Brett and Jacob announced the forming of GSquared WITH the simultaneous announcement of a product, the Albatross, I knew this one had to be amazing. The hype machine didn’t get the same advanced notice. Another absolutely amazing product that I bought figuring “look, these guys understand the community, this should be nothing short of amazing”. The only downside is that it’s become a sleeper product. It shouldn’t be. Honestly, this is up there with the best of them, including stuff like One Drop, CLYW and other high end products. Once people grab onto this brand, it’s gonna be sold out like CLYW drops and even like the recent VSNYYC drop of Sky Walkers and Battossai yoyos. And there you go, another 100% US-made product.

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