New YoyoFactory Colorways: Splashed TooH.O.T., Cypher, Horizon...

I hope YoyoExpert will be getting these soon. They look great, and I’m having trouble figuring out which one to get next.

I can’t be the only one, but they’re just killing me with all these great colors. What am I to do? :wink: This is a great dilemma. What do you like most?

(Photos from YoyoFactory Instagram)


Space Cowboy in Purple (different general release coming in this color, I think without the Malaysia engravings shown:

Edit 12/11/14: Golden Galaxy Cypher, TooH.O.T. and Horizon:

Edit 12/17/14

Check out the new Too.H.O.T.s:

I’ve got one of the purple, non engraved space Cowboys.

Sick! I already have Pulsar and USA Space Cowboy. I think I’m going to go for that YoyoExpert color Horizon, and one of the splashes…they look great! But, eventually, I want one of each Horizon.

my wallet just screamed for mercy


Or, you can get an official YoyoExpert Edition of the new “Queen” by 2 sickyoyos that is coming out tomorrow:


Me too, I believe the color is officially Violet :slight_smile: It’s in the Museum

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damn, these horizons would have looked sooooooo much better without the purple splashes :frowning:
I’ll definitely get a horizon sooner or later though

Were they still 120$?

Yeah, saw those on YYE’s facebook.

I’ve been stalking that release for the past week. :smiley: You know I’m all over that one! Thanks Buggot.

In the first photo I posted, the top Horizon reminds me of the Alien Galaxy Shutter. I can’t wait to take photos of it.

I’m so glad that YYF really stepped up their splash game. At one point their anodising was some of the worst in the business (in my personal opinion), but now it’s become some of the best. Alien Galaxy has got to be one of, if not the most beautiful colourway I’ve ever seen on a yoyo.

What I wouldn’t give to get my hand on one of those Alien Aviators…

Alien Galaxy = Jackrabbit?

On paper they might sound similar but if you compare them they’re pretty different. :slight_smile:

Man those Aviators were gorgeous. Why did they never make it to a full run? Bah humbug.

Wow. They are stunningly different. Those Aviators are just stunning, period.

its too bad there wasnt a full run of those aviators :frowning:

I really wanted to get one of those yellowish/green blue with purple horizons but I don’t see them in the shop. Have they already sold out and then were removed?

You’re in luck! The store just got them in not long ago, so they haven’t been put on the site yet. I’m sure the graphics and photos have to be worked out. They should be coming soon. I was inquiring about them as well.

awesome I was hoping they hadn’t been put out yet. But was thrown off cause the other 2 colors were for sale and one is almost sold out.

got a zurple already

Let’s see it! :wink: