Yoyofactory case all metals

All my YYF metals, one space open for the blue Space Cowboy coming Saturday.

Nice collection! What’s the one multicolored second from bottom right, last row?

Whats the white one in the center?

I have a open spot for my blue Space Cowboy also!

It’s an 07 888 Aussie Gold Highwall

That is a Yuuksta, coated not anodized. Don’t Know the story behind it, nor have i seen another one like it.

Yes i know you do, if by some very slim chance i don’t like I’ll be in touch.

Yoyo’s are better than women in the sense that i never met one i didn’t like and i’ve never had one refuse me.

What are the ones with the black z stacks? At first I thought those were the gold rim dipped skylines.

Those too are 07 888 Aussie Gold high wall’s

You have a case full of YoyoFactory, that means you’re awesome.

I’d like to show you some updated photos of my YYF cases, I’ll work on those soon.

Well I’m something alright, i wouldn’t say awesome. I would say obsessed

I attempted to scroll through your collection when i encounter carpal tunnel disease. Your collection is most impressive. I’m not even in the same class of obsession as you. Nice photography and lighting. When i get the time i would like to do the same.

I just saw this. Thanks a lot! Cheap camera, and cheap lights are the way to go. You want to save your money for the throws. :wink:

Is this better? Homemade box, A Pair of speedlite’s (normally outside the box) and a canon Eos M