Space cowboy compared to Draupnir

^^^^^thanks for your insight. This is exactly why I ask the questions so that those of us that are interested in knowing, know. You really provided some real good insight.

I don’t know, but a Dazzler is definitely 42.48 times better than a Lyn Fury. Unless the Lyn has shims added, in which case it’s only 39.88 times better. UNLESS, of course, they’re homemade shims from recycled material, in which case the Dazzler is still 42.48 times better.


Dudes are winning WYYC with $35 plastics and $45 metals, Space Cowboy vs Draupnir is 99% preference. Even if one is objectively somehow slightly better than the other, the best one is the one that any individual person prefers.

not really fair to say that a northstar can “win” worlds.
It “won” but with all these bimetals coming…

He’s saying the player makes the yoyo, not the other way around.

It’s not fair to say that WYYC has been won with a Northstar? Is it also unfair to say that the sky is blue and that the Earth is round?

Me neither


The player wins the championships. Not the yoyo. That being said, I think it is perfectly fine to say that a yoyo is better than another. Sure you could argue that it’s personal preference, but I think there is some degree of certainty for a top 5 best yoyos, maybe top 10. Yoyodoc. It is completely unfair to say that a dazzler is not worth the money because it is not x times better in play. It was not designed to be. It is meant as a premium yoyo for collectors. One that you can display, but also play with. And also, it says on your profile that your favorite yoyo is an oxy Hyperion, ummm, isn’t that the same, or nearly the same price as a dazzler. I’m confused. It seemed to me that you were kind of ripping on the draupnir. Please clarify, either in forum post, or in pm to me.

You will still have people that disagree. I can promise that my top 10 is very different from yours. If I like undersize yoyos then I’m going to think the 888 is better than the draupnir because it’s too big. Once you get into metals it’s all preference these days on whether you want organic, titanium, bimetal, oversize or whatever you’re into.

I still think in terms of purely competition, performance oriented yoyos, generally people’s perspectives will be similar. Of coarse there will be exceptions, but generally I think that they may be similar.

You can ask,

Which is the best 55-58mm diameter, 63-70g low-wall yoyo meant to achieve spin-time and stability above all else?

And still not get a clear answer. :wink:

Since I’ve never competed, could someone enlighten me to how competition performances are scored? Is there truly a way to maximize points based on this system? How does one competitor who has a slower, sweeping style compare to another competitor who uses a faster, hopping style? Is a generally agreed upon yoyo shape the best shape overall for anyone’s style?

I think, when it comes to yoyos, there will never be a generally accepted anything except maybe that when you let it go, it goes down. After that it’s a carp shoot. <- didn’t want to get censored :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be understandable to think so one year ago, but now Gentry just pretty much said idgaf to this.

The answer is easy, the aluminum 7075 makes the difference in this case. The main idea to make a bimetal is to put as much weight in the rims as its possible, the more weight you put towards the center, the less effective the weight in the rims is. That is, the draupnir without the rings is considerably lighter than the space cowboy. Lets say the rings in both yoyos weight the same, lets say 20 grams for the sake of an example, then that leaves the draupnirs without rings at 43 grams, while the space will be at 46, it is not negligible the body-rims weight ratio, resulting in the draupnir longer spin times and stability and in top of that is lighter.
Basically in my opinion, that is the main difference between those yoyos, SC is a 66g yoyo playing and spining like a 66g yoyo, while the draupnir is a 63g yoyo playing like a 63g yoyo and spinning like a 68g one.

The above does not contain facts. Also, the final conclusion depends entirely on subjectivity. We all say “plays like X grams” but we also know it’s a perception thing.

I can grant the assessment of performance differences but it will still never accomodate whether a yoyo clicks. Some will grab a Space Cowboy and go, “yup, this is for me!”

Agreed, that is why in the conclusion I said ″in my opinion″, I never stated which one is better, some people can prefer the SC. Thought i believe I have a very valid point when saying that the weight distribution due to the 7075 makes difference enough to contest many assertions that they are similar, they play quite different and the only thing in common is that both have steel ring, but that is pretty much it.

Oh. Whoops, we agree then! Not very similar yoyos.

Are you saying that the body-rims weight ratio is important to spin time? I’m not sure if you are.
I don’t think it does. I think physics-wise, the total inertia sum is the important thing. Body weight has less of an effect on spin time than rim weight does, but the ratio is unimportant. The draupnir would only spin longer if it’s rims were thicker.