Why is the draupnir so good?

I have like most heard great things about it but what actually is so good about it. I’d like to know because I’m planning on purchasing one of the next run. I appreciate your input

It’s light, bi-metal, machined beautifully, and has a fairly extreme profile. Hard to imagine a yoyo designed with those criteria not being amazing.

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I think the magic of the Draupnir is the following: (warning, huge generalisations incoming)

In general, heavier yoyos tend to be more stable and long spinning than lighter yoyos, but at the sacrifice of slower and more solid play. Lighter yoyos tend to be faster and bouncier but the trade of is that the performance is usually lower.

Also, in general the more rim-weighted a throw is, the better it performs. However the trade off is that the more rim weight a yoyo has the more solid it usually plays. Center weight can increase speed but often at the cost of stability.

Enter the Draupnir. Weighing only 64g but having a large portion of that weight at the steel rims, gives you a yoyo with the level of performance of a heavier-rim weighted throw, with the lightness and speed of a lighter-center weighted throw. It’s this rare play/performance “best of both worlds” combination that makes the Draupnir one of the greatest yoyos there is. :slight_smile:



Very good explanation.


The only thing i find truly remarkable is how simplistic its design is. Makes me wonder why no one else could have realized such a design much earlier.
Maybe it is difficult to machine 7075 thin enough, but this shouldnt be the deciding factor as even thinner titanium has been made.

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All I heard was “titanium/ss draupnir” :wink:

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